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01-24-18 10:00 AM
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Let's Play Tag: Now a Thing
Posted on 01-24-14 03:53 AM (rev. 2 of 01-24-14 03:54 AM by Trelior) Link | ID: 41939
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Thanks to Emuz, we now have a tag in the gaming forum for Let's Plays!

If you do any videos on Youtube or elsewhere, feel free to make a thread for your project and open it up for discussion!

Since these are video-centric threads, the Let's Play tag itself should be ample warning for 56k.

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Kafuka Speed run competition information (What times work?)
Posted on 01-23-12 02:08 PM Link | ID: 3762

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In order to help give everyone the best chance of being able to attend our first big speedrun attempt we would like to know what times would work for you?

Please visit our planning thread (below) let us know what times work. Some times are already in the thread, but please feel free to submit another time. We'll see what works best for everyone who wants to participate and we'll work on some speed runs that fit those time frames!

Planning: How about an Official Speed run competition? (Tentative See thread)

(I will be adding links to additional information as it is provided here)


- Emuz

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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - Announcements

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