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08-16-18 03:27 PM
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Main - General Forum - Prom Experiences
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Decoy Blimp
Posted on 05-25-18 02:12 AM Link | ID: 132797
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Random topic but eh.

Just went to Prom for the first time this past weekend. It was hyped up pretty big so naturally I had to wonder if it lived up to the hype, and to be honest, it would have if I picked a different a date.

The problem wasn't entirely my date, but mainly one particular person in the group who fucked up everything (thankfully she's graduating soon). The group consisted of me, my date, someone from outside my school, and the person who fucked up everything. My date is kinda awkward like me so whenever that one girl randomly wandered off, so would she. I didn't want to be a dick and ditch my date so I just followed along. The girls would just look at their phones for extended periods of time while I'm just sitting there like "Should I do something?"

An hour and half before we had to go I was already done so I just drank a shit ton of Shirley Temples and made the best of it (We were at a nice hotel in Boston so it was fancy as shit at least). The bus ride back to campus sucked; We were all huddled around that one girl while she was messaging some creep on Snapchat and telling us about her hookup stories. Meanwhile, people across from us were making out, so that's nice. It was honestly a pretty shitty night and I didn't get much out of it save for some cute pics with friends and some dope pics of Boston at night. I'll probably go next year, but I'll be sure to pick a date with a less problematic friend group.

So, I pass the question off to you. What was/were your prom experience(s) like? Good, bad or in the middle?

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Robbie Rage
Posted on 05-26-18 03:23 AM Link | ID: 132839

Cape Mario
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Fun Fact: My first date ever was at Junior Prom. It went about as well as you would imagine romantically, but it was still fun.

Senior prom was much more chill. I ended up taking a friend's sister as a date, and me and some friends ended up renting a cabin for the weekend. Again, no romantic interest, but still a ton of fun and lots of good memories.

TL;DR: Don't believe the hype behind prom and just be open to having a good time come whatever may.

Posted on 05-26-18 02:05 PM Link | ID: 132852
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I personally never went to a prom while in high school; didn't seem like my kind of thing and I don't really feel like I missed out on anything, though both my siblings seemed to enjoy theirs.

Posted on 05-27-18 06:52 PM Link | ID: 132880

Crazy Catgirl
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Yeah I actually didn't go either because in those days, I always felt left out and besides, I had to work that night :(

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