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09-25-18 09:45 PM
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Posted on 12-02-14 04:38 AM Link | ID: 79535


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Posted on Kuribo64 first then RVLution, figured I'd post it here too.

I decided to make a test board earlier today without a name where I'd just go in and change up Blargboard a bit. For an example, I'd move stuff around. Eventually, after I got an ABXD plugin to work and I changed the design quite a bit, I decided to make it more than just a little toy. I posted a link to it on Kuribo64 saying that it's like a mod. Eventually it spread to RVLution, and now here at Kafuka. So yeah.

This mod thing of Blargboard 1.2 has a nice variety of small features to begin with, listed at the forum thread on Kuribo64 found here.

Here's a screenshot of the homepage and here's one of the Dashboard, aka Admin panel.
You can go to the test board/dev board/whatever by clicking here. Oh, and it's not open sourced yet. Once it's more stable and becomes more than just a big pile of tweaks I'll make it open sourced. Click here to vote for the name for it.


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