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01-20-18 03:13 AM
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Main - The Kitchen Table - Swingball’s Truck Service
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Posted on 12-12-17 12:03 AM Link | ID: 109652

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Swingball Fairweight.

Everybody’s known him for atleast a year and is one of the CPRs of Kafuka.

What everyone may not have known is that he has his own delivery service. He delivers treats like glass bottle soda, hard soda, hard cider, Peace Teas and Snapple.

Little did they know he was an awful truck driver who couldn’t even get out of the driveway. Sometimes he’d crash into buildings and he would make the deliveries late or not at all.

Everyone is kinda annoyed at this and I’m the only delivery service in this town.


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Posted on 12-12-17 02:56 PM Link | ID: 109869

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So Needle decided to start his own delivery service in order to destroy the monopoly that Swingball had. He was met with massive praise. He even got a small amount of money from the town mayor, Emuz, who was waiting for something like this to happen.

Needle got massive praise from the other townspeople, who also was sick and fed up of the delivery service monopoly.


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Posted on 12-16-17 11:52 AM Link | ID: 110640
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This was intended to be a roleplaying forum.

Considering how Swingball has been notirously shitposting all ove the board, I'm gonna go ahead and nip this.

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Main - The Kitchen Table - Swingball’s Truck Service

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