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04-19-18 08:58 PM
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Main - Wii U Game Mods-B-US - First Custom NSMBU Level! (1)
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Posted on 06-16-15 03:43 PM (rev. 2 of 06-16-15 03:44 PM by shibboleet) Link | ID: 85744
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Level: 34

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Since: 02-02-13
From: Maryland

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After a while of working, a custom level was produced with just tilesets. This is outdated,because I have a lot of other custom stuff working, but this is the first.

We hope to go far in NSMBU, and learn more. :)

Posted on 06-17-15 05:33 PM Link | ID: 85754

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
Level: 95

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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

Last post: 8 hours
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Nice! Looks good. Much like old times. The first levels are small changes and proof of concepts.

Looking forward to seeing what's next :D

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"Super Sharp Noriko" by Xionfes.
A gift illustration from the wonderful EverKinzPony!
"Magical Girl Noriko" by @cute_hospital!
"Patient Chibi Noriko" by @Ruii_ki!

Posted on 06-18-15 04:55 AM Link | ID: 85759
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Kafuka's resident sack of shit
Level: 109

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Since: 01-02-12
From: Brookville, PA

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I'm looking forward to seeing these custom levels become a thing.

If you're looking for a let's player to showcase your stuff, I'm willing to volunteer.

Black 2 Survivors

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Posted on 08-11-15 12:43 AM Link | ID: 86924

Level: 6

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Since: 08-10-15

Last post: 795 days
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Dangit Nintendo! Do you have another link to this video?

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Main - Wii U Game Mods-B-US - First Custom NSMBU Level! (1)

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