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04-24-18 10:34 AM
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Robbie Rage
Posted on 01-17-17 10:29 PM Link | ID: 96160

Fire Mario
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I'm not sure if it's fully out of theaters yet, but the lady and I got to see it recently. Anyone else see this thing?

I personally thought it was pretty good. It started off a little slow with fewer musical numbers than you might think, but really picks up big time around the halfway point. Ryan Gosling seems a bit miscast here in the singing department, but Emma Stone brings it in a big way (complete with a solo that steals the show IMO).

It's definitely going to get some Oscar nods, but not going to win very many of them, if any. What did you all think about it?

Posted on 01-18-17 03:13 PM Link | ID: 96191

Pretty Little Liar
Who is this mysterious "A"?
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Katelyn and I wanted to see this but unfortunately none of the theaters around here are playing it anymore, but we might see it when it comes to DVD :) Normally musicals aren't our thing but this is probably an exception

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