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09-22-18 04:34 PM
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Main - Profile for Thieppy

General information
Real handleThierry
Group Normal User
Total posts 3008 (3008 found, 1.49 per day) -- Projected date for 10000 posts: 07-15-31 05:16 AM
Total threads 9 (9 found, 0.00 per day)
EXP status Level: 91
EXP: 7401327 (for next level: 67585)
Gain: 3690 EXP per post, 46.992 seconds to gain 1 EXP when idle
Registered on 03-19-13 11:01 PM (2012 days ago)
Last post 09-22-18 11:25 AM (5 hours ago)
in Say something about the above user! (Super Forum Gameland)
Last view 09-22-18 02:53 PM (1 hour ago)
at /profile.php?id=147

Contact information
Email address

User settings
Theme Night (Alternate) (Xkeeper, Kak)
Time offset 2:00 from you
(current time: 09-22-18 06:34 PM)
Items per page 80 posts, 99 threads

Personal information
Real name $realname
Location <style>//never far from the nearest chocolate stash</style>
Birthday Friday, August 4, 2000 (18 years old)
Bio hello, I'm Thierry, a frenchie. or a french frie, your pick.

"someday, when I'm girlier.."
Drops (upon defeat)Epele portrait (6%)
Strawberries x3 (20%)
Girlfriend's Docs (11%)
Laptop HDD (0.4%)
Stolen Estrogen Pills (quest item) (65%)
Fluffy Feather (10%)
Kirby Plushie (0.2%)
Lunatic Card (0.5%)
Sexualitylooking for something~?
hit me up, I'm bi.
Life goals-go on a trip to the United Kingdom. casually go raid a certain somebody's home
-go transition. get Epele to trip facefirst onto some quality cushion~
Posted by yours truly
Extra Powerful, Earnest Lesbian Electrodancegirl - Epele
Posted by Epele
Truly Hot, Interesting Exotic & Really Really Yummy - Thierry

hey look, it's notepad. wanna use it to code? mind the whitespaces~

 echo("Hello World!"); //the classic infinite loop
RPG status

Equipped Items
Weapons Dragon crossbow
Armor Gold armor
Shields Gold shield
Helms Bunny Ears
Boots Slippers
Accessories Heart-shaped Pillow

Sample post
Posted on 09-22-18 04:34 PM

gee, waffles!
Level: 91

Posts: 3008
EXP: 7401327
Next: 67585

Since: 03-19-13

Last post: 5 hours
Last view: 1 hour
Posted by Emuz
The sample link.
Posted by Acmlm
Posted by "Shroomy"
Sample nested quote.
Sample spoiler, but I guess I ruined that for you hehe
^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
<?php if ($whateverthislongstupidvariable == $anotherstupidlylongnamedvariable) //Epele: simple test.... { print "Sample code."; #It may print something.. or confuse you. } ?>

Sample message.

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