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03-23-18 06:50 AM
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Main - Profile for StapleButter

General information
Real handleStapleButter
Group Developer
Total posts 1558 (1558 found, 0.69 per day)
Total threads 71 (70 found, 0.03 per day) -- Projected date for 200 threads: 07-05-29 02:35 AM
EXP status Level: 70
EXP: 2929072 (for next level: 86739)
Gain: 2820 EXP per post, 133.836 seconds to gain 1 EXP when idle
Registered on 01-05-12 04:25 PM (2268 days ago)
Last post 03-13-18 02:15 PM (9 days ago)
in your dreams (General Forum)
Last view 03-22-18 11:16 AM (19 hours ago)
at /thread.php?id=1822

Contact information
Email address thetotalworm@gmail.com
Homepage Kuribo64 - http://kuribo64.net/
Twitter @StapleButter
Facebook dorp
YouTube MegaMarioFoo

User settings
Theme Fragmentation (Xkeeper)
Time offset 1:00 from you
(current time: 03-23-18 07:50 AM)
Items per page 20 posts, 20 threads

Personal information
Real name cheese key flannel NES truck grass avatar
Location France
Birthday Wednesday, March 30, 1994 (23 years old)
Bio A P-Switch effect can be achieved without Javascript, as demonstrated below.

View the page's source to find out how this is done.

It is limited, though. The P-Switch has to be placed before the blocks and coins in HTML, and all have to be in the same container.

Who knows, someone with a Mario-themed layout may be interested in it. I'd put it in mine but it doesn't quite fit the theme.

This was inspired from that P-SWITCH button in Trelior's title.

omfg improvement!

What else to say? Well... I made an editor for SM64DS, but that's not really worth mentioning... :(

I occasionally code for ABXD and AB2, too.

And I'm making an editor for SMG1/2. I hope it'll get somewhere.

christ, this is outdated as shit

check out melonDS
RPG status

Equipped Items
Weapons Rainbow stick
Armor Nothing
Shields Nothing
Helms Nothing
Boots Nothing
Accessories Keyboard

Sample post
Posted on 03-23-18 06:50 AM
Acmlmboard has... side effects
Level: 70

Posts: 1558
EXP: 2929072
Next: 86739

Since: 01-05-12
From: France

Last post: 9 days
Last view: 19 hours
Posted by Emuz
The sample link.
Posted by Acmlm
Posted by "Shroomy"
Sample nested quote.
Sample spoiler, but I guess I ruined that for you hehe
^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
if ($whateverthislongstupidvariable == $anotherstupidlylongnamedvariable) //Scrydan was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

Sample message.

Kuribo64 - we hack shit

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