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03-27-17 02:52 AM
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General information
Real handleStapleButter
Group Developer
Total posts 1399 (1399 found, 0.73 per day)
Total threads 67 (66 found, 0.04 per day) -- Projected date for 200 threads: 08-08-27 12:29 PM
EXP status Level: 65
EXP: 2285343 (for next level: 50285)
Gain: 2450 EXP per post, 144.225 seconds to gain 1 EXP when idle
Registered on 01-05-12 04:25 PM (1907 days ago)
Last post 01-23-17 12:58 AM (63 days ago)
in (restricted forum)
Last view 03-26-17 09:06 PM (5 hours ago)
at /index.php

Contact information
Email address thetotalworm@gmail.com
Homepage Kuribo64 - http://kuribo64.net/
YouTube MegaMarioFoo
Twitter @StapleButter
Facebook dorp

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Personal information
Real name Mario Mario
Location France
Birthday Wednesday, March 30, 1994 (22 years old)
A P-Switch effect can be achieved without Javascript, as demonstrated below.

View the page's source to find out how this is done.

It is limited, though. The P-Switch has to be placed before the blocks and coins in HTML, and all have to be in the same container.

Who knows, someone with a Mario-themed layout may be interested in it. I'd put it in mine but it doesn't quite fit the theme.

This was inspired from that P-SWITCH button in Trelior's title.

omfg improvement!

What else to say? Well... I made an editor for SM64DS, but that's not really worth mentioning... :(

I occasionally code for ABXD and AB2, too.

And I'm making an editor for SMG1/2. I hope it'll get somewhere.
RPG status

Equipped Items
Weapons Rainbow stick
Armor Nothing
Shields Nothing
Helms Nothing
Boots Nothing
Accessories Keyboard

Sample post
Posted on 03-27-17 02:52 AM
bullying kids since 1808
Level: 65

Posts: 1399
EXP: 2285343
Next: 50285

Since: 01-05-12
From: France

Last post: 63 days
Last view: 5 hours
Posted by Emuz
The sample link.
Posted by Acmlm
Posted by "Shroomy"
Sample nested quote.
Sample spoiler, but I guess I ruined that for you hehe
^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
if ($whateverthislongstupidvariable == $anotherstupidlylongnamedvariable) //Scrydan was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

Sample message.

Kuribo64 - we hack shit

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