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01-17-18 10:17 PM
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About the bans
Posted on 01-12-12 05:56 PM Link | ID: 2683
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Not okay
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Posted by Emuz
Hello everyone,

I am not a fan of arbitrary bans. If you wish to leave this board over my actions here today, that's fine. However this needs to be done for the health of the board.

When people I asked to the board tell me that they are leaving as it is a "troll filled mess", that's the final straw. While I am all about freedoms, rules, and chances, there comes a point where people use that against you.

The people in question have the intent to do things their way and to ignore what everyone else may or may not want.

They have broken some of the rules, mostly the trolling one (and we've had more than one non-partisan complain about this). There have also been counts of flaming.

Regardless, this isn't a permaban, but it is also not a timed ban. If they can convince us that they can mellow out on the harsh stuff, they are welcome back after a little bit of a cooling off period.

I am not unreasonable, but when it comes down to it I plan to use this board for projects and at this moment even I don't want to post here.

If you have questions or concerns please see us on IRC.

Thanks :(

Welcome to Kafuka. I hope you all enjoy your stay.
Posted on 01-11-12 04:34 AM Link | ID: 2384
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With a new message board comes a new community, with which also comes new features. This is a test announcement. So long as I'm up here flapping my... fingers, I might as well do something constructive with this time. So, welcome to Kafuka! All of us here in staff wishes you the best and we hope you all enjoy the time you spend here. We hope it brings back memories as well as create new and amazing ones!


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