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08-22-18 05:45 AM
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)
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Decoy Blimp
Posted on 06-05-18 09:37 PM Link | ID: 133479

Level: 31

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Since: 06-26-17
From: Salisbury, MA

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The other night I had a dream that I was having a panic attack and I stole a shotgun from a dorm parent to protect myself for... some reason. I later realized I had made a horrible mistake and that I risked getting kicked out. I was in English class later except we were in the performing arts building making visual art for some unknown reason. The gun was leaning against the wall near the stairwell, and when the dorm parent walks past me and sees the gun he looks confused but keeps walking. I later decided to admit to the dorm parent that I had stole the gun, so I run downstairs, down the hall, and into the workshop in the back which is where the dorm parent was for some reason, and I just exclaimed "I STOLE THE GUN OKAY?!" He started getting really angry and I was exasperated and trying to explain that I was having a panic attack but at one point or another I woke up.

The funniest part is that the dorm parent in my dream is actually my history teacher and the former dean of students.

Last night I had a REALLY weird dream. There were so many details that I don't feel like writing down, but the dream was essentially me going through two high school graduation ceremonies in succession, but minus the rewarding of the diplomas. The first time it took place in my school's chapel in the balcony where the freshman sit and while the guest speaker was being boring af I was looking at the view out the window that doesn't exist in real life, which is really all that happened during that part of the dream. The second time was on the stage at my old school where I graduated 8th grade. All I remember from that part was having my named called, simply walking from one side of the stage to the other as people applauded and being handed a cigarette by a graduate from my current school halfway through the walk. At the end I remember thinking to myself that senior year went by extremely fast, then I woke up and realized "Shit senior year hasn't even started yet."

Yeah my dreams are weird.

"'Make that DEMONETIZED crack a smile."
-Cardi B

Posted on 07-07-18 12:20 PM Link | ID: 135038
Goddess of the Apocalypse
Level: 168

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

Last post: 8 hours
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Had a dream that I was in some sort of graduate school (not sure what subject), they had moved me to a new dormitory which was in a treehouse sort of structure, but the interior was really nice, it was a huge apartment with a ton of rooms. I had two servants who lived with me and were helping set up the apartment, and trying to argue with me over which room should go to which person. I also wasn't sure where to set up all my stuff (which was mostly all the stuff I have IRL)

Weird dream...

Posted on 07-10-18 12:49 PM Link | ID: 135202
Acmlmboard has... side effects
Level: 72

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Since: 01-05-12
From: France

Last post: 6 days
Last view: 4 days
disjointed fragments of dream that I remember, and that make enough sense to write down

parents' house. a pet beaver, or something like that.

in the court, putting chocolate atop the garage door, as well as another kind of food (meat?) to attract him up there. they also apply some 'rendezvous' paste on the top of the door, it's some paste for attracting beavers, and it works real good. the beaver climbs the door and eats the chocolate piece.

looks more or less like a stuffed beaver. odd

parents' house again. may be a continuation of that dream.

there's a system for launching missiles, and I accidentally trigger it... shit.

doesn't seem to go too bad tho.

except I eventually do it again. this time it seems dad is getting real mad about it. guess accidentally launching missiles to an unknown location isn't so good.

so I flee to the back of the garden... trying to close doors behind myself but not do things like taking the keys, which would give me away.

dunno how it ends.

grandma's house.

getting out of the house, but instead of having a large yard around it, it directly goes to some street, and there's a small parking lot in front of it. if you get what I mean.

anyway, getting out with grandma and mom, getting into a car with other persons, but I'm informed that there's no room left for me, so I'm staying home.

inside, going to the bedrooms. I see grandpa's room, and... he's actually there, lying on the bed, eventually getting up and doing things. I remember that he was supposed to be dead and this is weird.

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Posted on 07-11-18 08:42 PM Link | ID: 135599

Level: 62

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Since: 06-03-14
From: England
Country Flag: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Last post: 7 days
Last view: 5 days

I had one involving Thieppy and a town somewhere, remember nothing else

Oh and a crushed dream called winning the cup

Posted on 07-17-18 01:45 PM Link | ID: 136448
Acmlmboard has... side effects
Level: 72

Posts: 1594/1609
EXP: 3175349
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Since: 01-05-12
From: France

Last post: 6 days
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got a 1h dream from trying to sleep more in the morning, but it wasn't half bad.

beginning is vague tho, now. it seems to take loose inspiration from La Casa de Papel.

so, I'm with a group of people, and we enter a building, but via some weird way that appears to be non-official.

inside, it's some kind of lab, where there are people doing things like mixing chemicals. but it's also a public building?? there's a hall in the entrance and all, and there are people visiting the place but legally. (not sure whether our presence is legal, but nobody seems to care)

(the chemicals I saw looked like epoxy resin. probably came from watching Nick Zammeti's woodturning videos right before)

anyway, we're here for some mission.

I take a syringe and inject something into a jar of chemical, presumably meant to chemically sabotage it. it's weird, I screw some weird valve cap thing onto the jar before doing so, and leave it afterwards. I do this a few times in total...

need to take a shit badly, too.

at some point, while I'm doing more of the same, I crouch on the table and accidentally let a shit out. I leave the place, but worry about people finding the shit, so I grab some toilet paper and go back to take it... but too late, some idiots already saw. so I take it and try to go to a toilet stall...

(there was also something about bags of colored feathers, like you could buy in some toy shop, during that bit. and a panel showing some list of parts, including the valve cap thing from earlier)


someone noticed the sabotage attempt. (or they're just very angry about the shit)

police come after me. there's a group of them coming, but they're trying to remain calm and not make it a huge scene, presumably to avoid scaring the workers/visitors??

after some sort of silent cat-and-mouse game, I try to reach the exit. I get to the hallway, but the cops are at the exit, hoping to get me there.

so I enter the bathroom instead. there's that weird guy trying to seduce the people passing by, me included.

the toilet stalls are absurdly far, but I think I go there to pee etc. I leave, and explore the hallway, hoping to find an exit where the cops wouldn't notice. and I do.

my comrades from the beginning were already outside and waiting for me.

but, sure enough, we can't really go anywhere without getting noticed again. we quickly end up running away from police. having to climb some hilltop, walk over parked cars, etc...

then at some point I can't run fast enough anymore, and am about to get caught. but I'm saved in extremis by someone (who is a person I have known irl). that person grabs my hand and pulls me away and we flee together.

then, weird shit, like running away from a car that powers through construction site fences.

then it appears we aren't chased by police, but by the weird guy from the bathroom earlier.

the construction fence thing became flexible fence which he rolls around me to try capturing me. but he's apparently attached to the fence too, as I abuse that fact to roll with the fence and fuck him over.

at which point, discourse. his name (or atleast the one I gave him) is Saint-Petersbourg. it's weird. using weird sentences/wording, I describe the process of sending me mail, telling him not to do that or something like that? but I'm informed by the other person that he already did. I didn't receive shit, I suggest it was because he used a wrong address. the other person suggests the mail was held back by prison officials (back then Saint-Petersbourg was detained in a Moscow prison, not known why, but... he's weird).

given the proximity to him, we start cuddling, too...

but it ends here.

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Posted on 07-21-18 10:22 AM Link | ID: 136746
Acmlmboard has... side effects
Level: 72

Posts: 1595/1609
EXP: 3175349
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Since: 01-05-12
From: France

Last post: 6 days
Last view: 4 days
some interesting bits of dream I remember

posting on Jul. there's a (new?) theme that is mainly yellow and red. I'm on newreply.php, reading the thread history. there's a vertical slider of sorts of the left of the posts, with two cursors, apparently you can move them to select posts to quote, or something, it's weird.

but I anger the users for some reason.

I work in some library that has comic books. or something like that.

eventually the place is flooded by a large stream of water. we all struggle to save the comic books from this.

then, nested dream occurence. I dream of waking up and starting to post about that dream here. there's also a bit that's a recall of the Jul scene, but more like a rollback so I can avoid fucking up and angering people?. it no longer has the yellow/red theme and is back to its usual night theme.

Kuribo64 - we hack shit
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)

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