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06-21-18 08:04 PM
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)
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Decoy Blimp
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The other night I had a dream that I was having a panic attack and I stole a shotgun from a dorm parent to protect myself for... some reason. I later realized I had made a horrible mistake and that I risked getting kicked out. I was in English class later except we were in the performing arts building making visual art for some unknown reason. The gun was leaning against the wall near the stairwell, and when the dorm parent walks past me and sees the gun he looks confused but keeps walking. I later decided to admit to the dorm parent that I had stole the gun, so I run downstairs, down the hall, and into the workshop in the back which is where the dorm parent was for some reason, and I just exclaimed "I STOLE THE GUN OKAY?!" He started getting really angry and I was exasperated and trying to explain that I was having a panic attack but at one point or another I woke up.

The funniest part is that the dorm parent in my dream is actually my history teacher and the former dean of students.

Last night I had a REALLY weird dream. There were so many details that I don't feel like writing down, but the dream was essentially me going through two high school graduation ceremonies in succession, but minus the rewarding of the diplomas. The first time it took place in my school's chapel in the balcony where the freshman sit and while the guest speaker was being boring af I was looking at the view out the window that doesn't exist in real life, which is really all that happened during that part of the dream. The second time was on the stage at my old school where I graduated 8th grade. All I remember from that part was having my named called, simply walking from one side of the stage to the other as people applauded and being handed a cigarette by a graduate from my current school halfway through the walk. At the end I remember thinking to myself that senior year went by extremely fast, then I woke up and realized "Shit senior year hasn't even started yet."

Yeah my dreams are weird.

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-Anthony Fantano
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)

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