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01-24-18 09:57 AM
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Next Jen
Posted on 08-14-17 07:08 AM Link | ID: 100577
Trudging Scribe
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Finally got around to watching Attack on Titan.

And I love it! Amazing. Great characters, action, and damn, just damn with some of those plot twists.

Haven't read the manga yet but it is on my to-do list.


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Posted on 08-14-17 05:02 PM Link | ID: 100597

The Physical Embodiment of Degeneracy
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I have refrained from watching it for some time mostly because 90% of the time whenever people tell me that something's incredible and amazing and that I need to watch it I'll probably set my bar too high and be disappointed. I did watch the first like 3 or 4 episodes though and it wasn't bad so I might watch the full thing eventually.

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< Nicole > I'm going to add fake quotes to astro's signature and see if she notices

< Danika61 > hehe I wonder if Astro's parents banned her/him from the computer

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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Attack On Titan

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