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06-18-18 07:08 PM
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Posted on 06-05-18 01:14 AM (rev. 2 of 06-05-18 03:14 AM by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト) Link | ID: 133419

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Bel was just about to enter the bathroom when another portal opened and a paladin fell through. Upon the questions, he addresses Moxley.

Bel: Greetings, Moxley. I'll make this quick as I have to go and wash off a collection of dust that had accumulated over my...everything. The ale is (most likely) over there *points in the direction of the bar* and the lady with her head in a book probably has the answers.

Having answered Moxley, Bel continues into the bathroom and closes the door after him. Then he takes of the robe and begins the necessary steps to clean it off. After that he takes a quick shower aswell to get the rest of the dust off of him. All this takes 35-40 minutes.

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Posted on 06-05-18 05:57 PM Link | ID: 133471
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Caionna raises a brow when she hears the water running from the men's restroom. Cocking her head to the side, she says to no one in particular, "If he wanted toi take a shower so badly, he could have retured to one of the rooms upstairs instead of wasting a water spell."

Shrugging it off, she grabs a pint glass and taps the ale keg. Placing it on the counter, she slides it toward Moxley. Trying to play the temporal stall off, she inquires nervously, "What answers do you need?"

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