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09-22-18 05:26 PM
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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - New SMB3 hack "THM", name to revealed at some point.
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Posted on 08-27-18 04:09 PM Link | ID: 140133
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This is a hack I wanted to make for a long time. I've kept the name hidden for now, but I'll refer to it by its acronym, THM.

Here's an old video of THM's Ancestor, Obscure Kingdom, showing off its proof-of-concept level:

This code is now implemented across 8 worlds, and is working as intended.

Each world's coins have a certain power to them. Coins will add, in order:
1) star power
2) flight time
3) p-switch time
4) shell and ice block hold time
5) jump height
6) a mixture of p-switch time and hold time (Shares spiral graphic)
7) a mixture of star power and flight time (Shares spiral graphic)
8) death

THM has a few ASM hacks implemented. These include (so far) Various coin effects per-world (seen above), code to handle unique global graphics per-world (coins and blocks are part of global graphics), code to handle unique graphics for each world map (featured in Communist Mario 3). I have planned some more ASM changes, graphics related. Currently, the ship graphics share pages with the map graphics page, and only has three frames. I intend to separate those graphics out into their own pages and have the ship graphics use four frames instead of the vanilla 3.

Other changes so far include much faster overall game flow.

This group of changes speeds up n-spade games (seen above), message text, mushroom houses, after-stage waiting, faster 1-up sounds, boomboom explosions, and other behind the scenes stuff.

A few levels are done, but I struggle so hard with data management of levels and enemies. No title screen as of yet. I'll post more when I have more to show!

Posted on 08-29-18 05:08 PM Link | ID: 140171

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Seems like a nice, fresh and interesting concept. Hope to see work on it soon ^^

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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - New SMB3 hack "THM", name to revealed at some point.

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