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07-18-18 06:35 PM
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Posted on 07-20-15 09:37 PM (rev. 2 of 07-20-15 09:39 PM by Nin) Link | ID: 86602

Red Goomba

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Aka what I have been working on for the past 2 months in collaboration with the reddit community.

Every company has a rival. So did Fazbear Entertainment.

Welcome, to The Last Shift.

The Last Shift is a dream project being run by /u/Vabawoo over at Reddit. It will be quite different then most fan-games and will feature new and exciting gimmicks. We hope to scare your socks off!


~~The Team~~
Me: Project Leader, Character and Map Design, Lead Writer
PLS102: Artist, Spriter
Quantum_Dranger: Artist, Spriter
GunkyStuff: Lead Modeler, Character Designs
Kingofpeanuts1987: Artist, Coder, Designer
ItsEasyActually: Modeler, Designer
MrEpicIsHere777: Spriter, Designer, Artist
Peacemaker250: Artist, Designer
Fergenshunffer: Sound Effects, Composer
KidduTheMan: Lead Coder, Arist, Designer
SuperArthurBros: Lead Spriter, Artist, Designer
Cookaie: Modeler, Teaser and Render Maker
UnclearSeer: Artist, Designer

Teasers Will Be Uploaded Here: Teaser Website
Follow The Game On GameJolts Here: Game Jolt's Page

Kale Kaverns: Join Today

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - The Last Shoft: Reborn (Fangame)

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