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01-23-18 04:00 AM
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - Super Mario Maker Course Repository and Discussion
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Posted on 09-15-15 03:40 PM (rev. 3 of 09-15-15 04:10 PM by KP) Link | ID: 87395
NES Game Aficionado
Level: 65

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Since: 01-02-12

Last post: 108 days
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So, I saw someone make a repository for courses in Google Forms, so I did it. I don't see why I couldn't just use his; I suppose I just wanted my own.

But anyway, just fill out the form and each entry will be recorded in the spreadsheet. If you think I might have missed something, just post in here. Otherwise, this thread is for discussion of courses submitted in the repository, and any other courses you might like or hate.

Here is a fancy button linked to the form.

Here are the entries themselves.

Edit: Added to PoRA.

Posted on 09-15-15 07:49 PM (rev. 3 of 09-19-15 05:33 AM by Ailure) Link | ID: 87396

Buzzy Beetle
Red pandas and stuff
Level: 39

Posts: 389/398
EXP: 373542
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Since: 01-01-12

Last post: 202 days
Last view: 145 days

I also suggest that people say if courses get deleted, as that happens if the creator deletes it himself (duh) but also if the course is not popular enough in the eyes of Nintendo. I go add my levels as I think of neat descriptions of them, even though they aren't really that great.

Edit: Just got around adding all my newer levels onto the form. Try them out! Feel free to post comments here and on miiverse (though you can probably be way more verbose here as miiverse got a insanely low char limit).

AIM: gamefreak1337, MSN: Emil_sim@spray.se, XMPP: ailure@xmpp.kafuka.org, YouTube

Posted on 09-20-15 06:22 AM Link | ID: 87444

Purple Leever
de geso!~!
Level: 28

Posts: 192/200
EXP: 126489
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Since: 08-02-12

Last post: 799 days
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I added the 4 courses I have made.

Will check out others courses when I have the time :)

Posted on 09-20-15 03:05 PM Link | ID: 87450

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
Level: 92

Posts: 2752/2933
EXP: 7476316
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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

Last post: 7 hours
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I haven't made any new courses yet, but hopefully this week. :)

Also feel free to share the link/button as much as you feel like. KP is okay with us spreading it out since the more who see it, the more who can add to it. That'll also give everyone's levels more exposure. :D

The Dynamic Profile Administrator™

"Wastashi Dake ga Inai Boaado"

Posted on 10-04-15 11:08 AM (rev. 5 of 10-04-15 04:17 PM by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト) Link | ID: 87612

My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
Level: 118

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EXP: 18081931
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Since: 01-04-12
From: Sweden

Last post: 5 hours
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Submitted my first stage.

Edit: Using a sorta old version of Firefox and it says that it doesn't have full compatability with google docs.

I can't find how I add stuff, anyway.

Edit 2: I'm a dumbass. Clicked the wrong button.

Edit 3: Change the last 8 in the third sektion of the code to a B. Made an error when typing the code.

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

My youtube channel
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