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08-20-18 08:23 AM
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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Yoshi Quest - The Awakening of Magic
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Posted on 02-24-16 05:01 PM (rev. 10 of 05-29-16 12:51 AM by Berkian) Link | ID: 89145

Level: 3

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EXP: 85
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Since: 02-23-16

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Hello, guys! I started a new hack. The Yoshi contains special abilities.


Welcome to the island! Yoshi is going for a vacation. Suddenly, Bowser captured Luigi and stole jewelry. Can Yoshi save the world?


A SMW styled vanilla graphics
The Yoshi player graphics
Over 9 worlds to explore!
And much more!


World 1: Mushroom Island (COMPLETE)
World 2: Landscape Plains (COMPLETE)
World 3: Crystal Caverns (COMPLETE)
World 4: Mountain Bridge (COMPLETE)
World 5: Wild Forest (COMPLETE)
World 6: Frigid Snowflake (COMPLETE)
World 7: Magma Volcanoes (COMPLETE)
World 8: Star Raccoon (COMPLETE)
World 9: Rainbow Dreamer (COMPLETE)

Overall progress:


Download (v1.9) - Final Version

Feel to support this hack!



When notify you some glitch or bug, please report it!

Give comment/feedback/suggestion.

Posted on 04-05-16 09:16 PM Link | ID: 89598

Hammer Brother
I can finally ROM Hack again...
Level: 59

Posts: 940/1074
EXP: 1652459
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Since: 08-07-12
From: Long Island City, NY

Last post: 4 days
Last view: 4 days
I don't play a lot of SMW hacks, even though I made a demo many moons ago, but I'll give it s spin. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)


Love Rollercoaster

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Yoshi Quest - The Awakening of Magic

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