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04-25-17 02:32 PM
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Posted on 04-02-17 05:24 PM Link | ID: 97289

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Bumping this because I will work on this again now. A number of things have changed as I gained a lot of experience during the last few months. For instance: Forget about that Brython thing lmao

Here's a quick rundown of what I want to implement:

Lunarboard is a Python board software in the making that is inspired by Blargboard, Xenforo, IP.BB, an old Facebook version and Discord. It uses Bootstrap, ReactJS, Django and Wagtail. It can be run on any web server that can run Python web apps and either a MySQL server, a PostgreSQL server or SQLite (which can be run on anything that can run Python). Things you'll love:

The versatility. There are numerous powerful BBCodes that enhance how you can write and design your posts. The permission system allows for fine-grained permission settings that can be set for each individual category, thread/topic, role or user. You can also create your own roles, just like you can on Discord. There will also be a "chat box" like on Facebook that allows you to chat with other users while you browse the forums.

The polish. Everything is built with user-friendliness in mind. For instance, there will be a post design maker and a theme designer, and useful tips whenever you may need them (which you can of course turn off at anytime), and there will be nice CSS3 animations (which you can also turn off), and WebGL-based themes are also possible.

The customisability. Users can submit their own themes, they can use multiple mood avatars (like in Blargboard). Also, themes can be customised by the user. For instance, a theme can offer multiple colour palettes or backgrounds which you can choose from, etc. In addition to that, users can create their own post layouts, like in Blargboard, except they can have many, and choose which one they want to use whenever they submit a post.

Every user can also have a personal "timeline" where they can post whatever they want, as that's their personal space. Users can also upload images or entire galleries and embed them in their posts (this can be disabled in the board's settings or restricted using the permissions system). It is also possible to enable various layouts for the board. For instance, you can set a category to be displayed using a blog layout. That being said, Lunarboard can also be used as a CMS this way. In the background, blog posts still remain forum posts and can be viewed in the forum view and replied to just like in any board software.

I think that's all for now. Let me know what you think!
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Main - AcmlmBoard Developer Zone - LunarBoard - Rewrite of StapleButter's ABXD fork in Python3/Django/Jinja2 & more (1)

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