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03-23-18 06:55 PM
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Main - The Officer's Club - Guns: Laws, Culture, and the NRA
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Robbie Rage
Posted on 02-16-18 03:39 PM Link | ID: 127418

Fire Luigi
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Given what has happened in the United States the past couple days, many people's attention is on guns and gun laws again, at least for the time being. And the pattern that I see right now is the same: lots of anger, blame, and defensiveness with very little in the way of meaningful dialogue.

I'd like to change this.

I probably have a somewhat different perspective on all this than most people here. I am a registered Republican, have (technically) been a member of the NRA for over a decade, own a few guns, and have participated in several local target shooting matches over the years. However, I have also voted Democrat when I felt the GOP was out of line, have disagreed with the NRA on several occasions, and am in favor of several practical changes in gun law reform due to having seen some blind spots and redundancies in my local laws.

Because of my somewhat unique experience with all this, I am willing to open a line up a sincere, honest, yet respectful conversation with all of you here. If you have a serious question or comment regarding anything related to any of this, I for one am willing to listen to perspectives different than my own. I only ask that you please show that same courtesy to me, and maybe we can all make a little progress on our obscure little message board.

Thank you.

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Main - The Officer's Club - Guns: Laws, Culture, and the NRA

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