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09-25-18 09:47 PM
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Posted on 07-10-18 08:57 AM Link | ID: 135191

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holy shit nincollin i wanna buy ur laptops now xd

also try winme on ur main retro machine or the 98se one, if u dont use kernelex u can get a slightly later opera (10.68) and it has generic usb1.1 support built in. Plus 2k theme is sexy uwu

ME ran fineish on a compaq mini cq10 aside from lack of drivers but if ur machine has drivers built for me properly then it will be better than 98se (real mode dos is easily enablaale if u have a boot disk), unfortunately alot of me supporting drivers are bleh

me is like vista, everyone blames the os but its not, its driver support that makes stability
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Your computer specs

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