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01-20-18 10:58 PM
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Your first computer
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Posted on 02-22-15 08:22 PM Link | ID: 82449

Just like a star up in the sky...
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What was the very first computer you ever owned? For me, it was a Macintosh Performa 575 (based on the LC 575), which the family got for Christmas 1993 :) I still own that machine today although it's stored away and not hooked up right now :P

After that, I entered the IBM PC world with an HP Pavilion, which had a Pentium II 450 and Windows 95 (I later upgraded it to 98 after receiving it as my own)... it was the computer I first used the Internet and later met Taryn on :( (unfortunately, that machine is no longer with me...)

Just like a star up in the sky...

Posted on 02-22-15 10:03 PM Link | ID: 82453
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Epson HX-20, as I described before. Look 'em up on Wikipedia. The first computer you'd recognize as one that I owned was a Mac LCIII.

After that, I entered the IBM PC world with a self-built 286 with Win3.11 on.

Posted on 02-22-15 10:13 PM Link | ID: 82454
the postcount+++er from 2014
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It was an IBM Aptiva. The one in this picture.
It had 96MB of RAM, a 6GB HDD, and a 233MHz CPU.

I installed Windows XP on it. It actually ran surprisingly well.

Wikipedia is a strange place.

Posted on 02-23-15 08:29 PM Link | ID: 82496
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A custom-built machine. Was a local business that specialised in building machines from scratch.

All I remember, was it was an Intel Pentium processor clocked at 2.66Ghz, with 512MB of RAM and a 80GB Hard drive. Contained both a CD-RW and a DVD (not sure if ROM or RW) drive. Also had a floppy disk drive that loved to eat the things. Had an ATI Rage graphics card.

When that went to retirement, the only original parts that were left surviving at full health.. were the CD-RW, floppy drive, power supply and Motherboard. Everything else perished or fried itself (the processor in that case).

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Posted on 02-23-15 08:33 PM Link | ID: 82497
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It was an old PC with a Pentium II and Windows 95... back in the times where you actually felt special for owning a sound card... or even *gasp* a network card...

We downloaded stuff from Kazaa using 56k and our tiny 2 GB hard drive... it was so cool.

Posted on 02-23-15 08:46 PM Link | ID: 82498

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First computer I really considered mine was a Pentium 200 Mhz, with some pitiful amount of RAM and a 3.5GB hard drive, Windows 95 and then 98 (it ran better with 95 than 98, but it also ended up loaded with malware in the 98 era)... I remember downloading Sega CD ISOs and could only have a few at a time. :P

Posted on 02-25-15 04:49 AM Link | ID: 82556


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Since: 07-31-14
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An Eee PC or something. Loaded it with viruses and weird crap, including a picture of myself with MS Paint drawn all over my face. :P

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Your first computer

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