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05-25-17 11:54 PM
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Posted on 12-25-16 06:28 PM Link | ID: 95491
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Is it just me or are many well-known Unity games actually quite badly made?

Consider if you will that this laptop will happily run a game like Skyrim without issue. Would you expect a low-action 2D game like Oh Sir to run so hot it can't get past the tutorial without making my computer self-terminate?

First idea I had was to limit the amount of CPU cores it was allowed to use. Starting at 50+% CPU usage, I cut it from all four to just one. This made the game stutter. Wildly. It needed at least three to not stutter, and still used 50+%.

Then I used the NVidia control panel's per-application settings to disable a bunch of things and only then would the game run smoothly on a single core, at around 20% CPU usage.

So far I've played and won two rounds, letting the system rest inbetween. And Oh Sir is by far not the only Unity-based game I've encountered with this issue.

What's up with that?

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Unity

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