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Dani ★
Posted on 02-15-17 09:19 PM Link | ID: 96818

Lather, rinse, maim.
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Been playing a ROM hack of NHL 94 for Sega Genesis, with 2017 teams/rosters in it... it's hard to beat that Sidney Crosby :P

Steelers Will Win Super Bowl LII! Penguins Suck Though!

Posted on 03-11-17 12:39 AM Link | ID: 97107

Bio Spark
It's time
no fun zone
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playing through Fire Emblem Awakening, currently in chap 10 or 11 I think

Posted on 03-14-17 06:22 PM Link | ID: 97160

Red Cheep-cheep

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The posting game. :P

Somebody can delete this now.

Posted on 04-02-17 02:56 PM Link | ID: 97287
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Star Mario
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KLayout 4.0
Having a go at recording a no damage run for Wario Land.

Let's just say showcasing the glitches in this game (ohh boy) can lead to stupid mistakes in this otherwise easy game.

And recording on this (Windows 7) laptop is completely fucked. OBS won't run due to an old GPU and expression Encoder (the only screen recording thing that managed to record audio) is a piece of shit that barely works half of the time.
So I had to use that Win10 laptop from school. Fun.

You may or may not be able to recognize where I stole this grid background from.
Star Mario
aka Schezo

Posted on 05-20-17 08:15 AM Link | ID: 97732
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Since I broke down and decided to start fucking with firmware exploits with my Wii U, I figured I'd give Breath of the Wild a go.

Been playing for the better part of this whole week. I've spent way more time putzing around Hyrule instead of making much of any progress. I've uncovered all but one section of the map. I think it's the Gerudo Desert tower, I say this because it's in the southeast, nested between the wasteland canyon and the highlands where the Rito live.

I usually don't play stealth, and I tend to hate spears in other games... Much to my surprise, I'm playing an assassin lancer-like build. The two star upgraded Sheikah Stealth set (which I just upgraded in he faerie fountain near Tabantha Tower) using most spears I can find since they attack faster, and at greater range. Gotta poke stuff to compensate for the fact that I have between six and fourteen defense difference between the Hylian tunic and soldier armor (respective).

That said though, if I'm fighting another spear user, or get flanked because I'm not paying attention, I tend to get my shit pushed in since I don't have much HP yet (just spent some orbs on my eighth heart container before shutting it down for the night), and I'll be reallocating my stamina into my HP to get the Master Sword (The Lost Woods was kinda pathetic this time around). Then I'll be funneling a ton of my HP back into stamina because where's the fun if I'm not a total marshmallow?

The main things I don't like so far is the reliance on arrows that is (I feel) poorly emphasized until you've bumbled into an area that the game says "Oh, I hope you not only have a dozen arrows, but I hope you saved one of your powerful bows since the attack power will make or break this puzzle! By the way, this area is having a severe thunderstorm! Hope your powerful bow isn't made of metal, or you're gonna have to act fast!" It was, and I had three arrows. Yeah, that's right. Fuck you, Thundra Plateau.

Another arrow-related gripe: The preceding fight to and the boss at the end of the Zora dungeon has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge reliance on arrows, both normal and elemental. I stocked up to about 50 arrows for the first part (mostly through buying them, and they're expensive), used them ALL on the pre-dungeon battle (forgetting that the ice spell is not only a thing, but it also breaks ice), then come to find out I have to fight Waterblight Ganon and he needs a ton of arrows too. I had to leave mid-fight (thankfull you're allowed in this game) to go buy more arrows with rupees I didn't have.

By the by I love how Ganon is more of a concept than a physical being.

Non-arrow related griping (but still weapon-related): What is up with the bootleg durability on 99.999999999999999999999% of the gear you pick up? I get skeleton arms being fragile, but a claymore made out of metal that was forged by a Goron to be a weighty bludgeon? I expect to be able to kill more than three moblins with metal shields before that fucker breaks, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the thing falls to bits after one moblin and a few rocks I didn't want to blow up with a bomb and lose the loot down the cliff face. At least with a spear, I have a few seconds to react before I feel the need to shit my pants in terror when it inevitably snaps and shatters instead of satisfyingly sinking into the overgrown, ugly excuse for a boar's ribs.

I can tell I don't play many open-world RPGs, because this one is proving to be the bane of my existence when it comes to climbing. 90% of my deaths so far can be chalked up to "Oh shit, I shouldn't have climbed that" and falling to my death. 9% being blindsided by something sneaking up on me and not blowing its horn to alert its cronies. And the final 1% to legitimate combat where I either misjudged the damage output to my remaining HP, forgetting my faeries count, or hitting 0 HP while Mipha's Grace is still on cooldown (that half hour meatspace timer is killer, but I understand it's necessary for balance).

In half-asleep, rambling summation: This game is a load of fun. I can't put it down.

Also: Prince Sidon is best fishboi

Black 2 Survivors

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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - What Are You Playing Now? (2)

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