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General Posting Guidelines

Are cookies used?

What are these little character doodads appearing on the board?
I just made a thread, where did it go?
I feel that a user is being rude to me. What do I do?
What are badges?
What is "KCS"?
Are smilies and BBCode supported?
Board Specific tags (non-BBcode [tags] and other substitutions)
What's this IRC thing I keep hearing about?
Can I register more than one account?
How do I get a layout?
What are we not allowed to do in our custom CSS layouts?
How do I get a custom title?
RPG Stats
Items and the Item Shop
Credits and Board Logo
Acmlmboard Syndromes
&Tags& (Amp tags)
What are avatars & mood avatars?
Are private messages supported?
Search Feature
What is the calendar for?
What do the username colours mean?

General Posting Guidelines:
Offenses, as they manifest themselves, are unique. Therefore, we will treat them accordingly on a case-by-case basis. Your punishment may not match the offense the same way it did in the past or when compared to someone else's punishment. You may be warned in public, or private message (PM).

Serious offenses include offensive content, repeated disrespect for members and staff, using any methods to bypass any form of ban/administrative request, to name a few. For 'serious' offenses a ban can and usually will be placed before any warnings are issued. You will be notified by PM the details of the ban. If you do not receive a PM, let a member of staff know.

Spamming and automatic posting will be banned on sight.

Please note that any ban length is "soft" and may be changed and/or deviated from by staff at their discretion. If you feel staff may have just forgotten to repeal your ban, feel free to remind them. (Yes, you can PM while banned; unless you abuse this privilege.) Decisions made regarding length will not be negotiable.

Following one rule doesn't mean your post is automatically acceptable. If it is distasteful, repugnant, or offensive, then don't post it.

If your post is seen by staff (whether you agree or not) to incite drama, put down others, have negative connotations/bad attitude, or otherwise find fault therein, they have absolute right in deciding what to do with it and with you.

IRC is IRC, and the board is the board, and there's a distinct level of separation between the two. However, we acknowledge that they are closely related and will make decisions based on your actions from both mediums of this community. This means if you're prone to being rude on IRC, and then rude on the board, it will most likely be considered when determining disciplinary action.
Are cookies used?
Cookies are used on this site to store login information and pass information between pages during redirection. Cookies are not used in any way to track you.
What are these little character doodads appearing on the board?
Those are called Sprites. If you click on them, you will have "found" them and will be logged here. Collect them all!
I just made a thread, where did it go?
It was probably moved or deleted by a staff member. If it was deleted, please make sure your thread meets the criteria we have established. If it was moved, look into the other forums and consider why it was moved there. If you have any questions, PM a staff member.
I feel that a user is being rude to me. What do I do?
Stay cool. Don't further disrupt the thread by responding at all to the rudeness. Let a member of staff know with a link to the offending post(s). Please note that responding to the rudeness is promoting flaming, which is a punishable offense.
What are badges?
Badges are special trinkets that a user gathers through special means. You can acquire them from staff, meeting special requirements, or even find them somewhere. For example; sometimes special contests will be held, with a badge given for those who participate and/or win said competition.
What is "KCS"?
KCS stands for Kafuka Champion Series. It is an ongoing posting contest which is found in General Chat. All general posting rules apply.
Are smilies and BBCode supported?
There are some smilies here, a chart is below to show what smilies are supported.

Likewise, a selection of BBCode is supported. See the chart below.
[b]text[/b]Bold Text
[i]text[/i]Italic Text
[u]text[/u]Underlined Text
[s]text[/s]Striked-out Text
[red]text[/red]Black Text
[green]text[/green]Green Text
[blue]text[/blue]Blue Text
[orange]text[/orange]Orange Text
[yellow]text[/yellow]Yellow Text
[pink]text[/pink]Pink Text
[white]text[/white]White Text
[black]text[/black]Black Text
[color=hexcolor]text[/color]Custom color Text
[img]URL of image to display[/img]Displays an image.
[imgs]URL of image to display[/imgs]Displays an image with a smaller preview. Click to enlarge.
[svg]URL of a SVG image to display[/svg]Displays a SVG Image.
[spoiler]text[/spoiler]Used for hiding spoiler text.
[code]code text[/code]Displays code in a formatted box.
[url]URL of site or page to link to[/url]
[url=URL]Link title[/url]
Creates a link with or without a title.
@"User Name"
Creates a link to a user's profile complete with name colour.
[forum=id]Creates a link to a forum by id.
[thread=id]Creates a link to a thread by id.
[youtube]video id[/youtube]Creates an embeded YouTube video.
[nobr]text[/nobr]Text and code between these tags are not automatically given line breaks.
What's this IRC thing I keep hearing about?
If you have an IRC client like mIRC, you can join a chatroom hosted by the Kafuka community. All crazy kinds of things can happen there, but will you take the plunge? Connect to the server and join the channel #kafuka. Mibbit is a great client to start with if you don't know what you're doing.
Can I register more than one account?
No, you may not. Most uses for a secondary account tend to be to bypass bans. The the most common non-malicious use is to have a different name, and we have another feature will allow this cleanly.
How do I get a layout?
You must code one yourself. Sometimes there are others who might be willing to help you with your layout. If your layout is bad, you may find it deleted by a staff member. Make sure that when you design your layout, it isn't hard to read and doesn't stretch the tables.
What are we not allowed to do in our custom CSS layouts?
While we allow very open and customizable layouts and side bars, we have a few rules that will be strictly enforced. Please read them over and follow them. Loss of post layout privileges will be enacted for those who are repeat offenders. If in doubt ask a member of staff. Staff has discretion in deciding violations. This list is expected to be updated regularly, so please make sure to stay up to date.
The following are not allowed:
  • Modification of anyone else's post layout for any reason.
  • Modification of any tables, images, themes, etc outside of your personal layout.
  • Adding a custom title to your profile via css. Custom titles are provided using a board system.
  • Altering your Nick color in any way. Nick color is an indicator of staff, and it will be considered impersonation of staff.
  • Altering the board layout. A good example of this would be CSS that has your post text or any part of that table appearing anywhere in your sidebar.
How do I get a custom title?
Custom titles are titles you can use in addition to, or in place of the ranks provided by the board. There are three ways to get them:
  • After 100 posts, or if you have been around 2 months you will need 50.
  • Being a member of staff.

The custom title is a reward for being an active member of the community. Use of the custom title to impersonate staff, or to flame members/staff may result in the loss of custom title.
RPG Stats
The RPG stats are based on your post count. Currently they are purely cosmetic. They were a part of a forum battle system developed by Acmlm.
Items and the Item Shop
Items are equipment that is actually a part of the RPG stat system. Like in an RPG equipment can boost your stats. An item shop allows you to use the RPG coins you get from posting to buy items and equipment. However, it doesn't currently matter what your stats are since they don't do anything right now, as said above.
Acmlmboard Syndromes
The syndromes are an old Acmlmboard tradition carried over from the first version. Syndrome are triggered when you reach the amount of posts posted per day listed in the table below.
75Affected by 'Reinfors Syndrome'
100Affected by 'Reinfors Syndrome' +
150Affected by 'Reinfors Syndrome' ++
200Affected by 'Reinfors Syndrome' +++
250Affected by 'Reinfors Syndrome' ++++
300Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome'!!
350Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' +!!
400Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++!!
450Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' +++!!
500Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++++!!
600Affected by 'Anya Syndrome'!!!
&Tags& (Amp tags)
amp tags (or &tags&) are tags that allow you to put some of for your profile and RPG stats in a post. They can be incorporated into a layout or used once in a post.
&postnum& Current post count
&numdays& Number of days since registration
&level& Level
&exp& EXP
&expdone& EXP done in the current level
&expnext& Amount of EXP left for next level
&exppct& Percentage of EXP done in the level
&exppct2& Percentage of EXP left in the level
&expgain& EXP gain per post
&expgaintime&Seconds for 1 EXP when idle
&lvlexp& Total EXP amount needed for next level
&lvllen& EXP needed to go through the current level
&5000& Posts left until you have 5000
&20000& Posts left until you have 20000
&rank& Current rank, according to your amount of posts
&rankname& Text only current rank, according to your amount of posts
&postrank& Shows your rank by number of posts
What are avatars & mood avatars?
Avatars are a form of display picture which appears beside your posts and in your profile. Likewise, a mood avatar allows you to display a different picture as opposed to the one specified in your profile.
Are private messages supported?
Yes. Your private message inbox is represented by an envelope icon which is highlighted green when you have unread messages. Likewise, you may send a user a message from here, or alternatively use "Send Private Message" from the user's profile.
Search Feature
The search feature is used to search the forum posts and threads for whatever you may be looking for. It has the ability to be filtered by forum and user it was posted by.
What is the calendar for?
The calendar lists user birthdays and special board events.
What do the username colours mean?
They reflect the gender setting and group of the user.
Banned, maleBanned, femaleBanned, unspec.
Pending Users, malePending Users, femalePending Users, unspec.
Waiting Room, maleWaiting Room, femaleWaiting Room, unspec.
Normal User, maleNormal User, femaleNormal User, unspec.
Game Show Host, maleGame Show Host, femaleGame Show Host, unspec.
2Dudes1RO GM, male2Dudes1RO GM, female2Dudes1RO GM, unspec.
Developer, maleDeveloper, femaleDeveloper, unspec.
Retired Staff, maleRetired Staff, femaleRetired Staff, unspec.
Local Moderator, maleLocal Moderator, femaleLocal Moderator, unspec.
Global Moderator, maleGlobal Moderator, femaleGlobal Moderator, unspec.
Administrator, maleAdministrator, femaleAdministrator, unspec.
Site Administrator, maleSite Administrator, femaleSite Administrator, unspec.
Credits and Board Logo
Our main logo is a throwback to the old days of Acmlmboard. In this style the logo of the board has two characters next to it representing people or mascots for the board and it's owner.
The current Kafuka logo was designed by our own KP9000!
The character on the left is Noriko who is Emuz's mascot and primary avatar. The version currently used was drawn by the lovely TiGERA!
The character on the right is Nyonya Kafuka's mascot! She was drawn by Haru Kitsu. (Please support these artists.. follow them for cool stuff!)
Nyonya represents all of the members of the board! She also has themes of Kafuka's past.

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