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09-17-19 10:15 AM
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Board Updates (21 Jan - "Why am I logged out?" edition) -- Posted by Epele on 01-21-19 12:32 AM
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General Forums
  General Forum
General forum. Unless a specific forum exists you'll probably find it here.
(moderated by: Arisotura)
390 24205 09-17-19 02:44 AM
by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト »
  The Officer's Club
The place where all Acmlmboarders come for advice, and to take a load off. This forum is for serious discussion and ZERO tolerance for insensitivity.
(moderated by: Arisotura)
76 941 09-03-19 08:39 PM
by Googie »
  Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar
There's a movie on TV. Four boys are walking on railroad tracks. …I better go too.
(moderated by: Arisotura)
343 27787 09-15-19 11:00 PM
by Darkhero »
Want to know something about one of our members? Ask.. if YOU DARE! (or you can be the askee!)
(moderated by: Kak)
74 42674 09-17-19 02:46 AM
by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト »
  Creativity and Artwork Showcase!
Show off your artistic talents, whether they be digital or traditional!
55 854 07-26-19 05:30 PM
by AtomicAstro »
Dev Corner
  AcmlmBoard Developer Zone
while (1+1 == 2) { dostuff(); }
(moderated by: Epele, Arisotura, Kak)
62 670 04-04-19 07:59 PM
by fiver »
  AcmlmBoard II Software/Bug Report Forum
Find info on Acmlmboard II. Please report any bugs with Kafuka/ABII here as well
130 1108 02-21-19 02:27 AM
by fiver »
Rom Hacking
  Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking
General hacking, information, discussion, and sharing of SMB3 related projects go here. Have a question? Ask it here! Have information to explain and share? Post it here! Have a hack in progress or ready to release? That goes here too!
(moderated by: hukka)
13 156 05-07-19 12:49 PM
by Googie »
  General ROM Hacking and Emulation
Discuss the current ROM hacking topics or give us a link to your latest release!
Current topics are: SMB3, SMW, Metroid, ... and more!
86 579 06-29-19 06:28 PM
by Googie »
Computers, Gaming, and Entertainment
  msg db 'Computer Address',0xa
Anything computer related. From Hardware, Software, Operating system, support, help, and general discussion (How do I compute myself? Seriously hmm..)
(moderated by: Ferdal)
109 1823 09-15-19 08:39 PM
by Epele »
  The Kitchen Table (Role Play Forum)
You have entered the door to the north. You are now by yourself, standing in a dark room. The pungent stench of mildew emanates from the wet dungeon walls.
(moderated by: Trelior, Marzen64)
8 875 09-08-19 07:59 PM
by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト »
  The βetaMax Entertainment Center
Movies, TV, Music, Video, Anime, and odd internet things can be found here
97 2136 09-16-19 02:10 PM
by Robbie Rage »
  Super Forum Gameland
Not vidya, not roleplay. Most definitely forum games. Mmmmmm.....!
34 8879 09-10-19 09:58 PM
by Danika »
  Kafuka Gaming Arcade
Discuss everything from classic to modern games! Cards, boards, 101010, and others!
174 4103 09-16-19 09:28 PM
by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト »
No Limit Zone
  No Limit Zone IRC Network (NoLimitNET)
An IRC Network. (Or maybe it's a hat?)
(moderated by: DJ Bouche)
9 172 07-22-19 09:25 PM
by Epele »
  Display Case
All the memorable topics can be found here. And the outdated KCS threads. Those are notable, right?
114 25212 09-01-19 01:05 AM
by Nicolyn »

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