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04-24-19 02:24 PM
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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Favorite Christmas movies
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Posted on 11-29-13 08:29 PM Link | ID: 37240

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So, what are your favorite Christmas movies? I'd have to say my favorite is definitely A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid!") but I also grew up on Rudolph (I wonder how they made that red nose sound :P in fact, when I was little, I used to think that blinking light on top of a radio tower was Rudolph's nose too)

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Posted on 11-29-13 09:25 PM Link | ID: 37242
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Back when I had the attention span to watch movies (yes, there was a time), I loved A Christmas Story.

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Posted on 11-30-13 01:05 AM Link | ID: 37250
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My favorite Christmas movie is The Year Without A Santa Claus... Many fond memories dating back to childhood of that movie :)

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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Favorite Christmas movies

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