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Main - AcmlmBoard Developer Zone - The Newish Todo List (Emuz's List: 7/14/2015)
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Posted on 03-21-14 12:28 AM (rev. 14 of 07-14-15 05:38 PM by Squiddy) Link | ID: 52706

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I've gone ahead and closed the old todo as it's a bit stale. Feel free to reference it here: ABII: Old Todos (Last edit 7/22/2012)

As I started working on the code over the last few months I kept a barely legible todo list on paper. I have rewrote it a few times after I knocked a few things off of it to keep it easy to read (ish). Now that I am in a more inactive time frame I would like to post it up as to give others a chance to work on it as well. I will use the following format:
-Item on list (comments or notes)
- is a task, & is an optional/idea/etc., ??? is status unknown, X is done.

Todo (Acmlmboard Version: 2.5.4)

-Kuribo64's features (TBA)
-*Attempt* to reduce memory usage
-Improve board SQL usage
-Merge Threads (tool or mod function?)
-Split Threads (See ^)
???Add buttons for the rest of the controls for the ABI theme (This is more of OCD for me than anything. I'd like to find out what font Acmlm used on the AB1 graphics buttons to make the remaining two of three buttons and call it a day. However this isn't anywhere near important)
???Go through any of the AB1 ported themes and see if any RPG images need/should be converted over. This also includes any missing button images
&Add an inactive field in the db for the profile fields system (could just not add the field to live?)
???check edit bug in privmsgs as a double check (should be fixed)
&Add some new extended profile fields such as Steam and polish the extended profile fields
&**Low Priority**Convert irc.php to use something other than giant switch statements
-Optimize frank.php
-Finish/Replace Moderator and Admin logging


Acmlmboard 2.5.3 Todo List Archive

Xshow-online controlling perm (to allow disabling for abuse/only enable for some people. This is the "show online feature in the profile for cloaking.) ~ Squiddy
XSprite system shutoff option in config.php (Disables the system from running at all) ~ Squiddy
XAdd relevant *-own-perms for displayname, nick color, extended profile fields. (as per original spec profile options have a own and everyone. *low priority*) ~ Squiddy
XCreate Custom Errors in edit-perm.php (I added a 'low tech' no-restrictions/root protection and it currently doesn't show an error/message when it is triggered.) ~ Squiddy
XLockdown controls need to be able to be toggled in the administrator eras ~ Squiddy
XAn interface for previewing a theme. ~ Squiddy
XAdd more profile fields on the new profile field system (instagram for example) ~ Emuz
XWhen displaynames are enabled, possibly have he memberslist sort them alphabetically by display name ~ Squiddy
XInclude the optional use of StapleButter's catchpa (or if time make up a new one is a possibility too.) ~ Squiddy
XFix \' issues with mood avatar code ~ Emuz
XAdd code to list the mood avatars for the user who's post is being edited by a moderator. Also could be tied in to not show the dialogs if you don't have the perm. ~ Epele
XFinish and implement banhammer.php from 2.5.2 +Squiddy-2.7.0 into 2.5.x ~ Squiddy
XPerm for editing the show online feature in a user's profile (can be either has_perm('edit-user-show-online') or in lib/perm.php as a can_edit_user_show_online function.) ~ Squiddy
XRegdisable and lockdown messages editing in Administrator Tools ~ Squiddy
XBanned groups editing in Edit Groups (like what is done with default groups.) ~ Squiddy
XGeneral settings in Administrator Tools like having config.php call queries from the misc table ~ Squiddy
XRemove $L ~shibboleet and Xeon
XWay to dismiss the Thread Options in the Mod Bar. ~ Xeon and Squiddy

That's what I have wrote down as of now. There are some other things, but nothing that isn't Kafuka only, or couldn't be done anytime (new daily cycle themes, and themes etc)

Now that I have this, I can clean off my desk. heh.

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Main - AcmlmBoard Developer Zone - The Newish Todo List (Emuz's List: 7/14/2015)

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