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12-02-23 09:14 AM
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Main - The Kitchen Table (Role Play Forum) - Roleplay Rules and Guidelines (UPDATED: 6/29/14)
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Posted on 01-02-12 05:47 PM (rev. 5 of 11-10-19 11:04 PM by Trelior) Link | ID: 30
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Rule 1:
If you want to participate, post a character in the The Ragtag Bunch of Misfits thread.

If you have a character from a different board, or any other preexisting roleplay you participate in and you would like to use them in this story, do not assume everyone knows everything about them and post their bio in the profile thread.

I will be enforcing this from now on. Only exceptions being explicitly one-shot NPCs Not ongoing, sustained characters.

Rule 2:
Everything is in canon, unless it is deleted or edited (the Retcon rule) or posted in a thread explicitly marked with "[non-canon]".

Rule 3:
When you join the story, do not immediately throw us into a scenario that requires immediate action. Introduce yourself and ease the group into such an event.

Rule 4:
If you start a story arc that removes people from the hub thread, see it through to the end or don't start it. If you foresee that you will not be able to maintain an ongoing story for a prolonged period, let me know in one way or another. I refuse to have people complain because their character is locked into a dead thread.

Rule 5:
A given character can only be in one thread at a time, not counting any thread marked as non-canon.

Rule 6:
Characters who have no reasonable way of knowing shall not make references to non-canon events (the Savvy rule).

Rule 7:
Characters who are fourth wall aware (for whatever reasonable justification) are allowed to use the terms "page" and "thread" in regular speech. Others may just ignore the oddity (the Deadpool rule).

Rule 8:
When a story has started, a character may not suddenly appear and act as if that character has been there from the start, unless properly justified (the zbyte rule). The Dragon and The Man Behind The Man are exempt from this rule for dramatic purposes. The prime example of a justified appearance is the Lounge, where any new character may be introduced into the overall story.

Rule 9:
No controlling anyone else's character UNLESS THEY SPECIFY YOU MAY DO SO.

Rule 10:
No godmodding (making your character completely invincible in any way, or changing around rules in order to win every time.)

Rule 11:
Try to write in prose, or as close to prose as possible. It's so much easier to read, it creates a better visual, and generally flows much smoother. NOT required, but preferred.

Note: This is intended for mature writers. Explicit or graphic material is allowed, but it must be handled with a level of tact.

Some actual examples of the above rules
(On the current party almost being "the 'New Fantastic Four' all over again")
Spider-Man: Surely I'm not the -only- one who remembers -that-?

(On using meta-measurements)
Bullseye: Deadpool! How long has it been?
Deadpool: Issue 16, Greece. What's up, Bullseye?
(Bullseye ignores "issue 16" because he knows Pool is insane and accepts "Greece".)

(On prose)
Which would you rather read?

1) A young boy and his dog sit by a tree on the top of the hill, overlooking flowing of the grass in the field below as the gentle breeze blows through. The boy pats his canine companion on the head, and says with a sigh, "It doesn't get much better than this, huh boy?"


2)A boy sits at the top of a hill with his dog and looks at the field below.

Boy: It sure is nice here in the country. Isn't it, boy?

Bear in mind, this is subject to change.

Feb 15 2012 Update: Linked to relevant tropes and added to the prose rule.

November 10 2019 Update: Added note about explicit material.

Posted on 02-15-12 10:55 AM (rev. 4 of 06-29-14 08:12 AM by Trelior) Link | ID: 6482
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As far as playing goes, here's a simple breakdown:

The main thread (The Edge of Reality) is completely free form. All that happens there is the build up and release of our individual story threads, aside from side stories between players or between two characters of the same player that don't warrant stemming a new thread. That stated, all of the goings on happen within the setting of the main thread, wherever it happens to be at the point of development.

Story threads will be given a more structured development as far as storytelling goes. The OP will be relegated as the GM (Or if necessary, I will step in) for all intents and purposes. Typical turns should include at least one post from each participating player including things like interactions between other player characters or non-player characters that the story called for, as well as actions to be taken in problem solving, combat or otherwise. In the case of inactivity, you may be forced to forfeit your turn for the sake of fluidity.

If in the case you are planning a plot twist of some kind, bring it to the attention of at least the GM of the arc (unless of course, you are the GM) or someone else in charge so that there isn't a surprise. This clause is in place to prevent people from invoking The Dragon rule.

If you're going to say something out of character, notate it with either ((double parenthesis)) or a

quote box

EDIT: Updated to reflect the new main thread.
EDIT2: Updated new main thread again and reworded a few things.
EDIT3: Updated it again, and added OoC notation

(post deleted) ID: 103675

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Main - The Kitchen Table (Role Play Forum) - Roleplay Rules and Guidelines (UPDATED: 6/29/14)

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