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06-17-24 09:48 AM
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Main - Announcements - Upgrade to 2.5.3pre *Updated 4/9/14*
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Posted on 04-05-15 03:57 AM (rev. 3 of 04-09-15 02:38 PM by Emuz) Link | ID: 84142
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Hello all;

News as of 4/9/15: I've turned on the "Extended Profile" system for testing to everyone. They should just act like everything else in editprofile. Let me know if it there are any issues or it doesn't work for you.

Most of the issues should be resolved otherwise. Please let us know if you run into anymore. Hopefully I can get with KP This weekend and get the themes fixed from my boo-boo.

Kafuka has been upgraded to the current develop branch for testing. As this is still a beta build please let me know if you notice any issues and what they are.

The following changes have been made:

By Squidgirl:
*Various code cleanup and fixes
*All redirect pages have been replaced by instant redirects
*Legacy powerlevel permission system and token permission system removed
*Permission scope splitting such as editing your title, editing a specific user's displayname, editing all users' username color, etc.
*Error handling for forum not found, no permission, etc.
*Posting toolbar now has buttons that can be clicked as opposed to just the symbols
*Various changes to administrative pages such as undeleting groups, sprite category editor, calendar event editor, Administrator Tools
*Option in memberlist to sort by displayname
*Deleted Posts Tracker
*Yearless birthdays
*Announcement titles can now be edited by moderators
*Quickmod checkboxes for moderators
*Posts by forum, thread, and time of day
*Private messages have the posting toolbar and support disable post layout and mood avatars

My stuff is small and mostly cleanups. As always you can read the git log on bitbucket for the changes.

Edit: On the following.. got most of the assets back without issue. Just waiting on KP to be around when I am for some free time to go over the themes I may or may not have. I have commit them back into the tree this time. :)

Now for the issue on my part. While doing a merge I forgot that there was a change made to the faq.php. I had an issue with fixing the commit since both were different enough. So I attempted to back out of the commit. In doing so I forgot one important detail. git reset clears ALL untracked files. So that means what exactly...

*Sigh*. A lot of the Kafuka specific graphics files and themes were purged. Oh well I can 't undo it. I normally do a file tree back up too, but I failed to do so this time. I also normally do have git track it, but the last little bit I haven't since we really don't update Kafuka often. I do have everything, but it's not easily accessible at this hour, so I'll have to fix it over time. No worries, it won't effect anything major. Expect broken images sprites, badges, and maybe some themes that need updated. If you see anything like that point it out to me in case I don't see it. If you provided anything that is missing or broken contact me on IRC to resubmit it to me just to make sure it's the up-to-date.

Sorry about that. That stuff isn't the update.. Well enjoy the update.. or try to..


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'Victory Noriko' by @thatsheepagain.
'Chibi Dance Noriko' by @Haru__Kitsu.
'Deity's Night Out (Featuring Gabbie)'
by @thatsheepagain
Noriko Emotes by @Haru__Kitsu.
Side Bar Noriko by @thatsheepagain
'Noriko's Nature Walk' by @projectTiGER_
Emotive Noriko by @thatsheepagain.
"Space Candy Noriko" by BerryVerrine.
"Super Sharp Noriko" by Xionfes.
A gift illustration from the wonderful EverKinzPony!
"Magical Girl Noriko" by @cute_hospital!
"Patient Chibi Noriko" by @Ruii_ki!
'Dapper '60s Noriko' by @thatsheepagain.
'Shiny Chibi Noriko' by @inioli.
'Flower Veil Noriko' by @Sushiee_.
'Noriko in Realism' by @_Sarybuu.
'Noriko's Midnight Adventure' by @projectTiGER_
'Yukata Noriko' by @yunyunmaru_
'Birthday Wishes Noriko' by @thatsheepagain

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Main - Announcements - Upgrade to 2.5.3pre *Updated 4/9/14*

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