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10-20-18 04:27 AM
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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Some Drawings I made
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Posted on 01-17-16 01:12 AM Link | ID: 88683


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From: My Castle

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I decided to come here to show off a few hand-drawings I made and uploaded to Deviantart.

Drawings made so far:
Splatoon OC - Broccoli:






You can also request me some drawings on this thread if you want. Just as long as:
-I want to do it
-I can do it
-And if it's not digital art.

I hope you like my art! :D

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Posted on 06-20-16 01:14 AM Link | ID: 90578

Hammer Brother
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Since: 08-07-12
From: Long Island City, NY

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They look pretty cool, make more when you get a chance... :)


Love Rollercoaster

Posted on 06-22-16 10:37 PM Link | ID: 90620


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Since: 05-16-16
From: None of your business ;D

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It looks creative sort of, but I liked that you drew luigi. XD

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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Some Drawings I made

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