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09-22-19 09:45 PM
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Main - General Forum - Coding for a company: how good can it be?
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Posted on 02-08-16 03:11 AM Link | ID: 88989
there was a girl
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This is something I wonder. I'm currently at univ, getting ready to work in computer related stuff, most likely programming. Recently I got the desire to do something else instead, but I'm not sure.

I enjoy coding as a hobby, but it isn't a big passion for me. It's really just a way to pass time whenever I'm on an interesting project (and don't lose motivation).

Enterprisey coding, though, ugh. With all these practices they use... it's not that the practices are bad, they have pretty good reasons to be, but they make the thing less fun for me.

On the other hand, that's all theory. Life isn't always cool and nice, either, there has to be less nice things.

So are any of you guys coding for a company? Or otherwise working for a company? Is it rather good or bad? How do things go as far as coding is concerned?

I figure this depends on the company really, but I want to get a wider idea of the thing.

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Main - General Forum - Coding for a company: how good can it be?

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