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10-20-18 06:47 AM
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Posted on 06-06-16 04:21 AM (rev. 2 of 06-06-16 04:43 AM by Berkian) Link | ID: 90441

Level: 3

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Since: 02-23-16

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Hello, guys! I showing the second hack. I've completed the hack a year ago. I decide to work another hack, but the hack will slower because i have to study.
I need to make levels and learn ASM, ExAnimation, AddMusicK and more. The hack not yet completed. I will release a demo at least two worlds.

Welcome to Dinosaur Earth! As Koopa was walking on the beach, Bowser had captured Luigi and stolen the shiny stars!

This hack will make excellent levels such as aesthetics, atmosphere and gimmick. One more thing: Improve custom palettes in Lunar Magic. I think is very good.

This hack contains:

A vanilla SMW-styled
Custom music
Custom bosses
Custom palettes
HDMA effects
...and more!


World 1: Dinosaur Earth (1%)
World 2: Desert Dunes (0%)
World 3: Sea Destination (0%)
World 4: Cave Meadows (0%)
World 5: Poison Industry (0%)
World 6: Peak Forest (0%)
World 7: Heaven Calamity (0%)
World 8: Freezing Land (0%)
World 9: Volcano Climb (0%)
World 10: Stormy Doomship (0%)
World 11: Bowser's Vengeance (0%)
World 12: Space Fury (0%)

Overall progress:

This hack will be 100 levels and 120 exits.

(June 6, 2016)

Release Date:

Not released yet.

If you want, you can support my project, put this in your signature:


Give comment and feedback. I post more updates soon!

Posted on 06-17-16 02:11 AM Link | ID: 90553

Hammer Brother
I can finally ROM Hack again...
Level: 60

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Since: 08-07-12
From: Long Island City, NY

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If you want I can draw you a title screen, the one you have now looks plain. Lemme know if you want me to draw you the title of your hack. :)


Love Rollercoaster

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - SKT: Land of Darkness | (New titlescreen redesign)

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