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10-21-18 12:29 PM
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Robbie Rage
Posted on 06-05-17 11:14 PM Link | ID: 97864

Cape Mario
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So who saw it this weekend?

My girl and I went see it, and we both thought it was excellent. Even though there were other DCEU movies I enjoyed more, this was probably one of the most solidly constructed ones out of them all. Plus, Gal Gadot does a great job playing the most quintessential version of the character since Lynda Carter.


Posted on 06-05-17 11:15 PM Link | ID: 97866

Crazy Catgirl
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Definitely gonna go see it soon, since I have a few movie gift cards I still have yet to use :P

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Next Jen
Posted on 08-14-17 07:07 AM Link | ID: 100576
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Loved the movie! First DC movie that I 95% enjoyed.


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Posted on 11-26-17 12:32 AM Link | ID: 106568

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Definitely heard good things about it, I'm considering getting it on Blu-Ray hopefully soon :)

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