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10-24-20 10:44 PM
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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Zoo music
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Posted on 09-22-17 03:16 PM (rev. 5 of 09-22-17 03:58 PM by Pokemonfan1000) Link | ID: 102117

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Anyone here listen to zoo music? Zoo music (or safari music) is a type of music that is characterized by ole ole's and a specific instrumentation pattern. Not all songs feature ole ole's and the specific instrumentation at the same time however, there are a few songs that feature just ole ole's (Duran Duran's The Reflex) and some that feature just the specific instrumentation (The Offspring's Why Don't You Get a Job) Here's a few songs that can be classified as zoo music.

(If this song doesn't feature the ole ole's, let me know but I think all do)

(Buster Poindexter is the former lead singer of New York Dolls which uses his real name of David Johansen)

(this song is more zoo punk than just general zoo music. Zoo punk fuses punk rock, pop punk and ska punk with zoo music. This song does not feature ole ole's however but it does feature the specific instrumentation which is how this song can fall in the zoo music genre)

If you have any zoo music to share (and it can be in any genre such as zoo rock, zoo metal etc) please do so here. Just remember it has to have ole ole's and the specific instrumentation but they don't both have to be present for it to classify.

EDIT: Videos are working now.

Posted on 09-22-17 03:45 PM Link | ID: 102118
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If you want to do YouTube embedding you have to do only the id's at the end of the video url, not the entire url. It's weird I know.


Those are the id's for the videos you linked, that's all you put in between the [ youtube ][ /youtube ]

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Posted on 08-18-20 02:53 AM Link | ID: 161885
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Good music

I have an explosive personality

Posted on 08-18-20 03:17 AM Link | ID: 161887
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Please don't bump three year old threads with nothing to add to the conversation.

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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Zoo music

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