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07-23-21 04:22 PM
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - Melting ice with a mobile flashlight
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Posted on 10-29-17 10:19 AM Link | ID: 104377
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What I'm trying to do is warming up ice using my phone's flashlight.
My theory is that the flashlight not only emits light but heat which makes the ice melt. But if that doesn't work I am also trying to let the phone run hot as well.
Why? I'm bored, I guess.

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Posted on 10-29-17 01:54 PM Link | ID: 104379
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Results so far?

I would imagine the amount energy spent from your phone's batterywouldn't generate enough heat from a light like that.

Posted on 10-29-17 02:21 PM Link | ID: 104382

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Try increasing the performance on your phone to make it work harder so it can generate more heat inside the cup.

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Posted on 10-29-17 05:39 PM Link | ID: 104388
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Heh, LEDs don't give as much heat as an incandescent or fluorescent bulb though so it would take much longer ;)

"Miracles happen, when you believe..."

Posted on 11-10-17 12:57 AM Link | ID: 104960
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So how'd this experiment go? Was it a success, how long did it take?

Posted on 11-10-17 03:45 AM Link | ID: 104973
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you'd need to check how long it takes to melt without the flashlight to compare

else you may not notice the slightest difference

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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - Melting ice with a mobile flashlight

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