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10-17-18 10:15 AM
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Main - General Forum - What did you get for Christmas? (2017)
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Posted on 12-27-17 12:06 AM Link | ID: 117125

Red Koopa

Level: 19

Posts: 93/131
EXP: 33727
Next: 2050

Since: 05-29-17
From: Somewhere

Last post: 288 days
Last view: 287 days
This is a thread to share what you got this Christmas.

All I got was a new phone and a few other things that weren't too interesting.

Let's see what you'll got!

I need to put something here

Posted on 12-27-17 12:28 AM Link | ID: 117157

King Bowser Koopa

Level: 86

Posts: 2480/3419
EXP: 5921527
Next: 220580

Since: 05-23-16
From: Atlanta
ID: 308

Last post: 28 days
Last view: 28 days
I have a Nerntindoe Swatch. :D

other than the switch, I got a ton of money, Madden 18, and some misc stuff. Was nice.

Robbie Rage
Posted on 12-28-17 01:58 AM Link | ID: 117574

Cape Mario
Kafuka's Resident Paladin
Level: 97

Posts: 2970/4885
EXP: 8992138
Next: 325187

Since: 11-22-16
From: New Jersey, USA
Status: Not even mad.
Since: 2001

Last post: 61 days
Last view: 36 days
I got lots of clothes this year, including a new hat and some great flannels. :)

Posted on 12-28-17 10:06 AM Link | ID: 117624
Global Moderator
Kafuka's resident sack of shit
Level: 111

Posts: 4312/4394
EXP: 14504444
Next: 363916

Since: 01-02-12
From: Brookville, PA

Last post: 76 days
Last view: 2 days

Got a blanket from my roomate.

A pair of pants and a shirt from my mom.

And a Zelda-theme swag box from my brother. My favorite part of the whole kit was the Majora's Mask Nendoroid. It also had some Hyrule maps tea towels, a Majora's Mask mouse pad, a car air freshener in the shape of the Hylian shield, a Master Sword wine cork, a Wind Waker candle holder, a foam block LttP chest... thingy, a pair of Breath of the Wild socks, and a LoZ key desk ornament.

Neat shit.

The box

The stuff spread out on my bed

The customized figure

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Posted on 12-28-17 05:36 PM Link | ID: 117750

Kafuka's Resident Ice Fairy
Level: 64

Posts: 414/1427
EXP: 2153972
Next: 60125

Since: 06-03-14
From: Margate, GB

Last post: 1 day
Last view: 17 hours
A pair of headphones and some food. Not much worthy else to note.


Jamie | Hexafairy
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Posted on 12-31-17 11:24 PM Link | ID: 119043

Level: 26

Posts: 15/314
EXP: 94667
Next: 7608

Since: 12-31-17

Last post: 78 days
Last view: 62 days
Headphones, New 3DS mini circle pad (accident), Privacy screen protecter, magnetic charger, and game controller.

Mario Making Mods

Posted on 01-04-18 04:19 PM Link | ID: 120571


Level: 28

Posts: 245/260
EXP: 124612
Next: 6726

Since: 05-16-16
From: None of your business ;D

Last post: 53 days
Last view: 5 days
I have a 2 laptops Thats all I have.

Posted on 01-04-18 04:23 PM Link | ID: 120575
Retired Staff

Not okay
Prophet of Celestia
Level: 86

Posts: 2385/2423
EXP: 5940208
Next: 201899

Since: 01-01-12
From: The Netherlands

Last post: 10 days
Last view: 10 days
I got chocolate. A nice tin with an M&Ms design, containing a 330 gr bag of the stuff.

I only have the tin now because I'm weak-minded trash.

Robbie Rage
Posted on 01-04-18 07:47 PM Link | ID: 120644

Cape Mario
Kafuka's Resident Paladin
Level: 97

Posts: 3272/4885
EXP: 8992138
Next: 325187

Since: 11-22-16
From: New Jersey, USA
Status: Not even mad.
Since: 2001

Last post: 61 days
Last view: 36 days
Late arrival, but I used some money I was gifted this year to pick up this thing. To the shock of no one, I'm sure.

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Main - General Forum - What did you get for Christmas? (2017)

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