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11-20-18 09:21 PM
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Posted on 02-09-18 03:34 PM Link | ID: 126767

outta here.
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the server runs on InspIRCd 1.2, could someone upgrade this some day? this is a pretty old version and I don't want any compromisation to happen... it may be stable enough but now 3.xx line of inspircd is around the corner :P

Posted on 02-09-18 04:09 PM Link | ID: 126770
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there's a known exploit but it's been kept private and unreleased, and was fixed later on.

But right now, it's at a standstill because of conflicting ownership and Bouche's inactivity.

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Main - No Limit Zone IRC Network (NoLimitNET) - upgrade InspIRCd?

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