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05-28-24 09:44 AM
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Posted on 03-05-18 01:14 PM (rev. 2 of 03-18-18 12:19 AM by Epele) Link | ID: 128371
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I'm sure some of you have noticed some changes in the board lately.

Here's a changelog of things updated this year:

* Filter on specific in-line css - Leave the fancy stuff out.
* Edit Post Bug fixed - Now you can edit your earlier post and reply, how cool!
* My Sprites page modified to limit size of sprites in the table - No more big fat sprites hogging all the page!

* Maximum character limit of 60,000 for posts and private messages - Try to not get cut off!
* Tuning for sprites system for large sprites - Less likely they'll try to flee off-screen.
* Thread tag system updated - No more washed-out tags.

* Smilies will no longer creep into your urls - Enjoy that XX​​_XXX.png file.
* The [​​IMG] tag defaults to including a max-width: 100% style to prevent page-stretching - No need to fear Trapster's photos any more.
* [​​youtube] tag is now in the 16:9 aspect ratio as per YouTube's default share settings - No more squishy videos.

* New visuals for Post Toolbar - Except some of the images are classics.
* Edit Thread feature that enables changing of thread icon and editing polls - Restricted to Moderators as you're terrible people.
* Threads can be now flagged as NSFW and filtered from the Latest Posts results - Think of the children!

* Clicking on a sprite no longer updates the url of the user's last view - We can spy on you even more now.
* Various small fixes - Less holes in this bucket.

* Minipics are no longer restricted to a fixed size - You can now use smaller images, like for ants.
* Toolbar doesn't appear if quick reply if you disabled it any more - It was forced to take behaviour lessons.
* Smiley button added to the post toolbar - Smile!
* Very slight adjustments to the post toolbar - If things look different, you're going crazy.
* Support for users to edit their own polls added - But we've not given you permission to do so.

The world could always use more heroes!

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Main - Announcements - Updates changelog

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