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10-18-18 12:29 PM
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Posted on 05-14-18 06:41 AM (rev. 2 of 05-14-18 06:43 AM by Jamie) Link | ID: 132349

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Could someone ban user agents containing “Ahrefs” and “Semrush”? Looks like these absolutely notorious SEO “optimiser” bots are spamming requests on this site. Seen about 20 of these bots a few min. ago

Neither of them care about robots.txt to my knowledge

(Don’t know who has server access so just decided to put Emuz in the thread title, rather than list everyone with access, I’d like this sorted quickly so Kafuka doesn’t get attacked like this)

Posted on 05-14-18 06:49 AM (rev. 2 of 05-14-18 06:49 AM by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト) Link | ID: 132350

Giant Paratroopa
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That IS an unusual amount of bots now that I look at the number.

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Posted on 05-14-18 06:52 AM Link | ID: 132352
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Every time I've looked at the user list from the index in the past few days, I've consistently seen 15+ bots floating around.

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Posted on 05-14-18 07:02 AM Link | ID: 132355

Banned at self-request
Level: 64

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Since: 06-03-14
From: Margate, GB

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Yeah as I said they’re mostly SEO crawlers that analyse a web page; they scrape it almost like a DOS attack

Posted on 05-14-18 10:41 AM Link | ID: 132358

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Well a lot of it has to do with we're running 15 mins of history on guest right now. However there are a few overzelous bots. I've done some softbans to try and clear some of it up. It's not a real issue though.. just annoying. There is no spying and we don't care about being crawled in the public areas. Let's see if that improves it. Make sure to pay attention to the time they touched the server.. 15 mins is a long time (I may revert this to 5 mins later)

(There are better ways to get my attention that putting my name in the title of the thread.)

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