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10-20-18 08:59 PM
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Main - General Forum - looking for a sketching app
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Posted on 05-25-18 10:04 PM Link | ID: 132829

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heey. I got a pretty cheap screenless tablet recently, fitting my purposes well. the only hitch is that paint.NET doesn't have tablet pressure sensitivity.
so I'm looking for an app that has it but isn't bloated, slow to load or packed full unnecessary features I won't ever use.

I have GIMP but it takes ages to load and while it's pretty good, I'd like a more simple, user-friendly app since I suppose I'm going to use paint.NET for the remaining stuff anyway(shading, coloring) if there is.

does any of you know of a reliable, straightforward app for my purpose?

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Posted on 06-17-18 07:42 PM (rev. 2 of 06-17-18 07:44 PM by AtomicAstro) Link | ID: 133906

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I am aware I am several weeks late to this thread but as far as art applications go Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI are great.

SAI especially is incredibly lightweight as far as resource consumption goes, and in the case you don't want to pay the fairly small price for it pirating it is incredibly easy. The only catch is that the default brushes are not that great, so try toying around with the settings some.

If the whole piracy thing makes you uncomfortable, Krita and FireAlpaca are cool and free too. I've heard especially a lot of good things about Krita but I have barely used the program extensively myself.

EDIT: I also just remembered Medibang Paint is pretty alright and also free. Haven't used it much but I've seen some neat stuff made with it, though bear in mind it does have a paid version.

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Main - General Forum - looking for a sketching app

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