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11-21-18 08:16 PM
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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - FEBuilder, a GBAFE editor
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Posted on 06-17-18 01:30 AM Link | ID: 133888

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sup fellas, I made a post at board 2 for the first time in ages and decided it might get a little more attention here

FEBuilder, the best GBAFE hacking tool released to this date. It's constantly being updated (there was one just 6 hours ago) and is mostly functional. It supports 9 different languages, and can also translate the game for you. It also has a built in feature to make a UPS patch of your changes.

Some characters don't show up in the character list yet, and I suggest using Nightmare to fill the void.

ROM downloads can't be found here but they're pretty easy to find

Works on FE6, FE7U, FE7J, FE8U, FE8J roms


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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - FEBuilder, a GBAFE editor

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