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11-21-18 04:11 AM
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Main - General Forum - Happy Birthday, Nicole.
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Posted on 06-28-18 01:13 AM Link | ID: 134432
The Sorceress.
Anyone got a Poké Ball?

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Since: 01-01-12
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I know it's not in your timezone yet, but happy birthday!

<Nicolyn> Thierry doesn't sleep
<Nicolyn> she is powered solely by those little floating hearts

Posted on 06-28-18 01:14 AM Link | ID: 134433

Crazy Catgirl
Meow meow meow meow...
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Happy birthday kitty girl! Kitty want kisses and some cheesecake? :-3

"1-800-273-8255... it can save a life!"

Posted on 06-28-18 02:22 AM Link | ID: 134435

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
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Since: 12-30-11
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Happy Birthday Nicole! May it be a super excellent one! (Haha Early this time..)

Got any plans?

The Dynamic Profile Administrator™

"Never Knows Best"
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'Chibi Dance Noriko' by @Haru__Kitsu.
'Deity's Night Out (Featuring Gabbie)'
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Noriko Emotes by @Haru__Kitsu.
Side Bar Noriko by @thatsheepagain
'Noriko's Nature Walk' by @projectTiGER_
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"Space Candy Noriko" by BerryVerrine.
"Super Sharp Noriko" by Xionfes.
A gift illustration from the wonderful EverKinzPony!
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'Noriko's Midnight Adventure' by @projectTiGER_
'Yukata Noriko' by @yunyunmaru_
'Birthday Wishes Noriko' by @thatsheepagain

Posted on 06-28-18 05:02 AM Link | ID: 134436

gee, waffles!
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Happy Birthday wishes to Nicolyn! may you get smaller~! X-3

will fill the lack of layout at some point.

Moonlight Capital
Posted on 06-28-18 05:06 AM Link | ID: 134437
Click here for catgirls
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Happy birthday!

Posted on 06-28-18 05:08 AM Link | ID: 134438

My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
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Happy Cakeday. :P

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

My youtube channel
FFRK Brotherhood

Posted on 06-28-18 06:46 AM Link | ID: 134441

outta here.
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Since: 06-03-14

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Happy bday sweetie <3

I wanted to make this thread so badly lol

Posted on 06-28-18 06:53 AM Link | ID: 134443

internet = mistake

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Happy birthday!




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Posted on 06-28-18 01:04 PM Link | ID: 134455
Goddess of the Apocalypse
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From: Boston, MA

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11514 2513 16
Thanks everyone, and thanks for all the cute pictures! :D I really appreciate it
Posted by Danika
Happy birthday kitty girl! Kitty want kisses and some cheesecake? :-3

Posted by Emuz
Got any plans?

I'm taking today and tomorrow off work, and using the resulting 4-day weekend to go down to New York City; Mary's letting me stay in her place, it should be fun. :D
Posted by Jamie
Happy bday sweetie <3

I wanted to make this thread so badly lol

Yeah, Epele really sniped you there, didn't she :P

Posted on 06-28-18 02:42 PM Link | ID: 134456

outta here.
Level: 65

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Since: 06-03-14

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Ikr, i actually wanted to do it at 5am here so it would be 11pm/12am or so for u

Posted on 06-28-18 08:10 PM Link | ID: 134466

Volcano Lotus
Handsome Gentleman
Level: 57

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Since: 08-05-17

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Welp now that it's actually your birthday in my timezone happy bday I guess.

Giant Paratroopa
Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++++!!
Handsome Gentleman

Robbie Rage
Posted on 06-28-18 11:13 PM Link | ID: 134485

Cape Mario
Kafuka's Resident Paladin
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Since: 11-22-16
From: New Jersey, USA
Status: Not even mad.
Since: 2001

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Happy Birthday indeed, Nicole!

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