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04-12-21 01:04 AM
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Posted on 08-13-18 07:10 PM Link | ID: 139770
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I thought I'd keep you updated on some of the things that have been updated recently.

There's been some clean up and consistency changes code-wise, nothing that impacts your posting experience.

The log out link, among other things, has been secured. Nobody can force you to log out without your unique token now. Tokens are also stripped out of last-visited page links. Nobody can spy on your tokens.

The YouTube tag has been upgraded. It's now smarter than before.

You can now paste an entire YouTube url, or just the video ID as before. You can also paste in a limited set of parameters too. Start time, End time and display related links options are supported. Any other parameters will be stripped.

An example of the tag change is below

Enjoy sharing videos of epic fails and cute animals with your fellow posters.

The world could always use more heroes!

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