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12-02-23 09:34 AM
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Main - The Officer's Club - Jacksonville Shooting
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Posted on 08-26-18 08:44 PM Link | ID: 140097
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Originally posted from Kuribo64:

A shooting occurred at Madden 19 tournament today.

Honestly, I probably don't have the best idea of what America needs to do, but I honestly think restricting guns so they aren't easily accessible is the best solution. I know there's still possible ways to get guns, such as via the dark web and stuff, but even then we shouldn't just keep it easily accessible just because of that.

Any thoughts and stuff?

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Posted on 08-26-18 09:52 PM Link | ID: 140100
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You know, if Big Pharma wasn't so centered around profiting on sick people (as opposed to curing them) then there would be major advances on understanding why people are distraught enough to go shooting places up. I know it's not as straight forward black-and-white as that, but all the investigations that have been done following a shooting have questioned the mental state of the individual(s) involved in the attack. Big Pharma doesn't want to cure people. That'd put them out of a job. But what if they did? How much more research into understanding mental issues could be done? How many lives could that save?

And then there's guns. Sure, there will always be someone pointing the finger at guns, some justifiably so. Some would cite the Constitution and others would denounce it, and then there's the few who would even go as far as to say that the shooting was made possible by the creation of the video game at the center of that event. Guns? They're tools of defense, recreation, hunting, war, terrorism, and death. Whatever the use, I agree there should be regulation but I also agree that law-abiding Americans should have access to them.

Posted on 09-04-18 09:06 PM Link | ID: 140260
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nothing can and will stop shooters.

It's just reality. Yeah, mentally ill people shouldn't be able to legally buy a gun. But it is very easy to buy a gun via dark web. People who have the mind to shoot somebody else do not care what is illegal or legal

Posted on 09-04-18 10:04 PM Link | ID: 140262
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so you think all guns are obtained from the dark web? not a chance. the gun trade isn't limited to that.

that argument reminded me of this, it's somewhat relevant.
point is, guns come from anywhere. I reckon it's better to update gun rules to reflect the current situation rather than sit on your ass and be like o noes, they will shoot us anyway.

Posted on 09-17-18 09:50 PM Link | ID: 140430
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Posted by Thieppy
so you think all guns are obtained from the dark web?

are you talking to me?

I don't. it's just the first thing you think of when you think illegally obtaining guns.

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Main - The Officer's Club - Jacksonville Shooting

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