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07-16-24 03:16 PM
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Posted on 10-07-18 04:19 PM Link | ID: 142083
Excessive drama.
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Since: 06-03-14

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So, this is the official Jamie Idiocy thread. I'm going to rant about a specific problem here that has been plaguing me ever since I was 12: boards.

I've been banned from every AB, for good reason (although have been unbanned from pretty much all of them except Board2, though the amount of people that give a fuck about that one is about one person). To circumvent this, and try to make myself look reasonable, I made a board all the way back in 2014 back when I was the biggest retard that could have possibly existed.

This board went nowhere, aside from a few very spammy threads. Then came late 2014, where I unknowingly had joined the 'derpboard bandwagon', around the time Blargboard was starting to become popular with major idiots (who remembers SASG and maor's other hacked board)? Said board eventually got hammered with a spammer and then fucked up when I was away. I reset the board after it was standing for 3 months, and then remade it. Fucked up again by another admin a month later. Then the dramafest and idiotic side came into play around September 2015, when I gained a reputation as the 'IE6 guy' at Jul (basically for pretending to unironically use IE6 in 2015), and the board literally became a dramafest.

Next, fast-forward to around March 22 2016, when I got hold of the domain, and proceeded to make a board with it. People (mostly those from Golden Cucco, a derpboard from the time) joined and went, several of which have remained friends with me such as Arq/Luigi_Fan and MoonlightCapital. My dad then deleted the board on 26th June 2016, after a big argument with my parents or something. I vanished from the internet for about three weeks and then made a really bad general chat board - I still remember the laughably named and awfully executed TotalTopic boards... -.- This also, notably, is the start of my mental deterioriation, where I started seemingly following a script (resigning after two weeks in September 2017 and then trying to take control still...).

Now, let's move to February 2017. The official death of 101Gamers, and probably where a lot of these problems started. I got banned on Board2 for reregistering again and generally being a spammy retard there, so in February I made a general chat board like Board2/Acmlm's Board structure type, called 'Rosey's Board'. This one wouldn't have been too bad had it not been for two server moves (one of which caused a fuckton of drama because it was under another admin's nose), a general disconnect after my relations strengthened with Lucina (completely my own fault)... and other things. That board died on 3rd May 2017 and was archived, apparently 'randomly'.

Since then, nothing has changed. The community that I had somehow single-handedly merged - which mostly consists of teenage Acmlm advocates and around five or six persistent 'outsiders' - pretty much stagnated and no one else came in after this point, and resets became increasingly more common/etc as well as my own mental state getting even worse.

But what, what does those paragraphs have to do with anything? REPETITIVE ACTIONS. I've been like it since I was about 3 or 4, I'd do something destructive repeatedly... it only got worse.

If anyone can support me, it'd help, but idk... I don't think I'd ever listen to any advice, even if I do read it, and will simply go ahead and make yet another forum without any reason for it to exist. I just can't seem to get it around my thick head that I'm wasting my time until I've invited a couple of people over at least, and at most a week or two afterwards. :/

Good riddance!

Decoy Blimp
Posted on 10-07-18 08:02 PM Link | ID: 142093
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Since: 06-26-17
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It seems to me that you don't have anything particularly stimulating to do in the real world (sports, extra-curriculars, clubs, non-computer hobbies, etc) so you keep making boards to stimulate your mind, but eventually that stimulation dies out so you do it again. I don't know all the details of your real life situation, but if you can find a way to actively do something IRL, it'll go a long way towards making sure this doesn't keep happening.

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Main - The Officer's Club - boards and me -.-

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