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12-11-18 04:16 AM
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Main - General Forum - How was your 2018?
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Posted on 12-01-18 11:15 AM Link | ID: 144676

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Since: 11-24-18

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Mine, as you maybe guessed, was quite a rocky ride to say the least. I wasn't even really online for over six months this year...
Even though it's not over yet, how was it for you?

Posted on 12-01-18 12:27 PM Link | ID: 144677
The Sorceress.
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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

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2018 resulted in a bigger ass.

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Posted on 12-01-18 12:34 PM Link | ID: 144678

My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
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Since: 01-04-12
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Posted by Epele
2018 resulted in a bigger ass.

Yes, you are a big ass. :P

As for me...not that special.

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

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Posted on 12-01-18 12:44 PM Link | ID: 144679

Eva Pilot
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Since: 07-16-12
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2018 was mostly OK for me, but I hope 2019 is better though ;)

"1-800-273-8255... it can save a life!"

Posted on 12-02-18 03:54 PM (rev. 2 of 12-02-18 03:56 PM by Schezo) Link | ID: 144733
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Buster Beetle
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Since: 01-29-14
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Post #5457
More or less this will be remembered as the year I finished school and started working.
And so I lost most of my free time and the :effort: levels increased (oh well).

It has been a fun year though.

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Posted on 12-03-18 02:00 AM Link | ID: 144791
The Sorceress.
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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

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As a more serious answer. This year's been ok. The whole HRT Experience and all.

Still, that monster called c h r i s t m a s to go first.

<Nicolyn> Thierry doesn't sleep
<Nicolyn> she is powered solely by those little floating hearts

Posted on 12-06-18 12:42 PM Link | ID: 144925


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Since: 07-01-12

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2018's been pretty good, personally, so long as I ignore politics (although even that could have gone worse — good gains this year by Democrats that'll hopefully be a little more progressive than capitulating to rich people all the time). But I've started presenting female (sometimes, not as often as I should cuz I'm a coward ><) and I came out to my parents, deepened my relationship, started really feeling the effects of HRT, got my first job (and quit, granted, but still...), got over a lot of my social anxiety, reconnected with old friends (at least 5 so far by my count!!) discovered shittons of cool music and anime and games... it's the first year of my life that I've really felt fully like myself from start-to-end. Or at least the first since I was a kid, anyway. Does that make sense? I feel self-actualized, and it feels nice.

Anyway, yeah. It's been good. Except the end of November/December so far where it's kinda been crapping out, but other than that, I'm counting my blessings. I hope 2019 builds on the progress I made this year.

Posted on 12-06-18 05:03 PM Link | ID: 144933

gee, waffles!
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Since: 03-19-13

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Posted by Rambly
I've started presenting female (sometimes, not as often as I should cuz I'm a coward ><)

why 'should'?
it's up to you, you're the one one it matters to. you don't have to feel obligated if you're not comfortable yet. you're doing this for yourself.
if it were me I'd go even slower so I commend your efforts

overall this year has been.. decent, compared to the previous three. progress at things, though some of them stagnate. fairly good results but I'm stressed out.

I goofed.

Posted on 12-07-18 11:39 AM Link | ID: 144951

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Since: 06-25-16

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2018 1/2 - "Emptiness":
- I felt isolated and kinda depressed. Most people I knew from high school sort of drifted away.
- I got a temporary paid job as an intern. It was public service related to our country's federal tax department. I actually kinda liked it and I learned to like the people I worked with, except most of the time I couldn't actually do anything except stare at a screen for a few hours.
- Having a source of income was nice. Learned how to manage my finances and savings.
- I was still shy and timid around people, I barely ever talked to anyone and most of the time I had a serious attitude as a barrier.
- Didn't know where to go or what to do with my life. Started to lose track of myself, my own values and who I was and just went forward because of inertia.
- Scared of finding out more about my sexuality, just wanted to keep myself out of it.
- Started learning how to be more talkative and how to trust people more because of work.

2018 2/2 - "Anxiety":
- Found out what I wanted to do with my life, applied for a public college around here and managed to get in. Started to love programming and everything that I was learning there and the place in general.
- Met up with a few people I knew and got to talk about how things have been so far. Some people seemed interested in hanging out again but never said anything afterwards.
- Still have to learn how to be more talkative online. I suck at talking to people on Discord.
- Productivity has been at an all time low. I've been doing all college-related stuff so far, but most of my personal projects have been on halt for an indefinite amount of time.
- Started to come to terms with the fact that I'm bi, leaning gay, and that it's part of my identity for some reason even though I feel like it shouldn't be.
- Politics are still a goddamn mess.
- I have taken a lot of steps towards self-discovery, but the steps towards self-actualization are still missing. I have an idea of what to do next but I'm still a bit lost and worried.

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." --Ram Dass

Posted on 12-08-18 03:37 PM Link | ID: 144975
Goddess of the Apocalypse
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Since: 01-03-12
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12027 2533 78
2018 was a good year overall but seems to be ending on a bit of a down note (just due to seasonal depression)... separated from my ex, starting living alone again (which was a good decision), new job is going well, etc.

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