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02-28-21 12:35 AM
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Posted on 10-20-19 06:26 PM Link | ID: 151934
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I made an NES game! Check it out: link, has screenshots

I'll probably hold off to see if any big bugs get found, but I'd like to make some cartridges of this, if only for myself. I like making JS games, but they don't lend themselves to having a physical artifact.

Posted on 10-20-19 06:44 PM Link | ID: 151941
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the future is now
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cool! i'll check it out on an emulator when i have time

Posted on 03-03-20 11:56 PM Link | ID: 155130
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I'm about a hundred thousand years late to the party on this I imagine, but I just played through it. It was pretty neat, the little dialogue in between levels made me chuckle a little at times and the game is simple but enjoyable. Definitely has potential for more in the future. I have a certain appreciation for games like this that are more small and arcade-like so this makes me smile.

I dunno if it's just me being bad at the game though, but those bird things were annoying to deal with. The other enemies had more predictable movement patterns that I could exploit to get them to go somewhere, whereas with the birds I was constantly running about the stage thinking "Stay still you little shit!" as I tried my best to land a shot while they spasmodically moved wherever they damn well pleased.

The sprites were pretty nice though, I remember you saying at some point that you weren't the strongest artist but they looked good to me. Perhaps with small sprites like that it's easier for people who aren't as good at drawing since the level of detail is much lower. I had a friend who couldn't really draw that well but made very nice looking sprites/pixel stuff. Ironically, since I am more accustomed to freehand drawing, little sprites like that are very hard for me since I'm so used to thinking of things illustratively and working with lines and such. I tend to prefer higher resolutions for pixel art, making me a pretty bad pixel artist overall.

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