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04-12-21 01:34 AM
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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Final Fantasy Editing
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Posted on 12-15-19 04:13 AM Link | ID: 153168
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Does anyone around these parts know anything about editing the NES version of Final Fantasy in ways that aren't possible with Hackster?

Making modifications to the ROM I use for the randomizer made me want to make an actual ROM hack and modify other things in my FFR base.

I want to change the Nintendo side of the copyright info to "Mod by Trelior 2020"

I also want to change things like the opening crawl to be something custom for when I get around to actually making a hack.

Something to modify the tile sets more easily than using TLP or YY-CHR would be glorious as well.

I want to damn near completely overhaul how the game looks to make it more unique to me. How possible is this?

Posted on 12-15-19 02:25 PM Link | ID: 153170
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If I remember right, the text for the opening crawl you can find with a hex editor; if you haven't been looking at them already, I'd look at the FFBytes documents, I think they include a table file if you don't want to do a relative search yourself.

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Final Fantasy Editing

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