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06-16-24 01:04 PM
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What is the best virtual machine?
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Posted on 07-27-20 01:35 AM Link | ID: 161131
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Since: 07-25-20
From: Brazil

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I have always used Oracle, however I would like to know if there are better options

Posted on 07-27-20 03:26 PM Link | ID: 161149
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the future is now
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darkwitchclaire post

there's qemu which supports a variety of guest architectures and even pci passthrough from linux hosts but it's less user friendly, relying on the command line or a frontend which may not give you access to all the features

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Posted on 07-27-20 09:20 PM Link | ID: 161177
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Since: 01-02-12

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Call it a cop out from me, but I use the free Oracle. Mainly because I only ever want to boot into an old Windows box to play retro shit I grew up with.

Thinkin' Things Collection, Theatrix Hollywood, and the Tuneland game. Wish I coud get Great Word Adventure working, but it janked out hard on my then-stepdad's Win95 machine.

Getting off topic, so I'll shut up now.

Posted on 08-01-20 10:30 PM Link | ID: 161364
Goddess of the Apocalypse
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Since: 01-03-12
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Oracle being a terrible company aside, Oracle VirtualBox is what I use too; I've used it to install Win95 on a CF drive which I then went and used as a hard drive for my old PC, so it seems to be pretty "true to life".

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What is the best virtual machine?

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