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12-02-23 09:03 AM
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Main - The Officer's Club - I'm sorry for venting, but I need to get this off'a my chest...
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Posted on 08-15-20 10:47 PM Link | ID: 161795
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I posted this on Jul yesterday, and I'm bothered by it. So I'll just copy and paste what I wrote over there.

When I introduced Googie Toons back in 2007 on MySpace, people were taking notice. Artists were networking, I was getting a fan base on the social media site, shit even celebrities were starting to take notice! I was going viral on the site, and Googie Toons was getting really popular.

My cartoons were getting so popular that a Hollywood producer got in contact with me wanting to produce 'em! And I'll tell you what, I was all for it. We were talking about how he has connections with other Hollywood big shots, and I was being talked about in their circle, he was giving me updates on what was being said.

Then the Hollywood producer made arrangements for me to fly to Los Angeles to negotiate, I thought for sure I had it in the bag, I was really hyped about getting my cartoons out there. After all I had a fucked up life growing up in Corona Queens, NY.

Then I got contacted by the Hollywood producer, saying that he wasn't going to be able to take me under his wing because the writers went on strike, he also told me that trying to help me was going to be a risk he wasn't going to make. I was so heart broken that I feel into a deeper depression, I couldn't eat for days and couldn't sleep for weeks.

So I migrated to Facebook when News Corp bought My Space, and I've been trying to go viral on there, it sucks when I have to beg people on Facebook to support my page by liking it. When I was homeless I asked social media to help me go viral, to get me and my mom and brother out of homelessness, no one did shit.

For the past few years I tried to keep the spark going even while being homeless, I never been able to take off on Facebook. I've been on Twitter since 2009 and I can't get passed 760 followers, I trying pitching my cartoons on Twitter but those Hollywood big shots shut me down.

Instagram ain't no better, I can't get not even to 300 followers.

I even went to MeWe and Vero, no such luck in those places. I can only go as far as a Google search, and that's it.

You guys been on the internet longer than me, I got my first computer in 1999. How the hell can I go viral? What is it that I'm doing wrong? You have people that become overnight sensations and I've been at this since 2007 and no one bats an eye. A good friend told me that inking and coloring digitally will help, but I can't grasp the concept.

I thought maybe I can stream on Twitch though my PC and Xbox One, to try to go viral, we'll see if that even goes anywhere...

And the art community keeps shutting me down in various art groups on social media when I show my art for whatever reason. >_<

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Posted on 08-16-20 04:13 AM Link | ID: 161797
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First off, you don't need to apologize for venting. We all gotta do it every now and again. I'm not going to necessarily fault you for feeling bad that your art, cartoons or whatever it happens to be isn't getting attention. Especially after the promise of potential deals within Hollywood you experienced in 2007 going to shit, it's somewhat understandable. However, I think if you go into anything with the desire to "go viral", it'll inevitably be an unhappy road, because all you're thinking of is an end that could take forever to achieve. You really shouldn't live your life trying to force yourself to go viral or whatever. So long as you're consistently putting out things and doing what you like, an audience will come eventually. This is the sort of thing that requires very high levels of patience.

You don't have to be viral to even be able to live off doing what you enjoy, if that's your end goal. There are people I wouldn't consider viral or famous by any stretch who do that. Sure, it can be discouraging when nobody gives you attention for a long while. But the fact of the matter is, many people don't make a damn thing that anyone cares about for a long, long while after they start.

As for actual things to look into for getting people to look at your art, the biggest thing I'd suggest is connecting with people who are similar to you. You've said "the art community" shuts you down. I'm not sure which art communities you're on, but I think a good first step is finding some people you think would like or support you. I can't suggest much in avenues to actually achieve this, but community can be a very valuable resource in these cases. They can give you valuable advice on what to do, they can help potentially spread the word on your stuff, and on top of that it can just give you some good friends, and who doesn't want that?

Also, don't compare yourself to others. This is your journey. Your journey is uniquely your own. Comparing yourself to "overnight sensations" and other unrealistic outliers will do you no good at all. From what I can gather, you've been through a hell of a lot in life. You don't need to make things any worse for yourself by comparing yourself to standards that are damn near impossible for most people. Really the most important thing is to actually be enjoying and caring about what it is you're doing, regardless of success or going "viral" or whatever.

I realize "give it time" might sound hollow given how much time you've already been at this for, but you really can't force this stuff. For pretty much everyone, success happens eventually as a natural result of continuously doing things. For some it happens quick, for others not. Some go through more failures than others before they reach that point. But regardless, it's not something you can force. There's really not much you can do.

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Posted on 08-19-20 12:23 AM Link | ID: 161920
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it's hard to say it but what's popular is what sells, what's trending is what people want. so it might simply not be what people are interested in. even if it's solid work, there might just not be a huge demand for the style you've been putting out

plus being successful in the art community (or the entertainment industry in general) is incredibly uncommon, with financial success only coming to mere thousands of the hundreds of millions who try. if what i said makes sense. it's a mix of luck and uhh want people are interested

you've been through a lot and I'd hate to see you give up, I think you'll eventually hit your stride in some way, some form, and some capacity. maybe try some new things, new styles, see if changing it up some catches on?

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Main - The Officer's Club - I'm sorry for venting, but I need to get this off'a my chest...

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