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05-11-21 04:02 AM
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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - SNES9x to possibly get MSU1 support?
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Posted on 02-03-12 05:49 PM Link | ID: 5044
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It's more likely than you'd think.

Posted by byuu
Side-note: how would you feel about MSU1 support in Snes9X? There's now a full-fledged game for it that's pretty cool:
Data portion is child's play, but the audio portion would require a mixer (blend 32KHz SMP+44KHz MSU1 audio to one output stream; about 5KB of code for Hermite. Easy way: 44khz->32khz, queue SMP+MSU1 32khz samples to a buffer, when each buffer has > 1 sample, output (a+b)/2 to sound card.) This mixer would also be required for Super Game Boy support, so it's two birds with one stone. With the audio mixer, MSU1 is about 3KB of code.

Not a big deal or a rush. I certainly like it being a unique feature for me :D
But being in 9x would allow more people to enjoy it.
Posted by BearOso
Concerning the MSU1, I've thought about adding it before, but never done anything about it. It might be a fun project to do, especially if there's no heavy timing involved. So it's definitely possible.

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - SNES9x to possibly get MSU1 support?

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